Dressed for: A Busy Saturday

Already Pretty outfit featuring magenta blazer, navy ponte dress, leopard belt, cognac boots, multi strand silver necklace

Blazer – Ann Taylor (no longer available) – similar color
Dress – Land’s End (mine from last year, but still available)
Belt – thrifted – similar
Boots – Timberland Stratham Heights
Necklaces – Patina and Fossil (no longer available) – similar
Earrings – Noir via Ideeli – similar
Bracelets – Goldy + Mac – similar

I wore this for a full Saturday’s worth of LOTT fun, walking the fellows through speed networking, updating their LinkedIn profiles, practicing public speaking, and discussing parameters for professional and interview dress. We have gotten some wonderfully warm days lately, but I wouldn’t say we’re totally past tights-wearing weather just yet. However, we LOTT it up in a St. Paul office building basement and it can get pretty warm in there after five or six hours, so I braved bare legs. With all that gesticulating and chatting and getting revved about women’s leadership, I was plenty warm.

Gotta say I’ve reached the point where I certainly feel done with tights. I’m weary of having to consider what color I want my legs to be each day …

How about you? Are you a tights-wearer and if so, have you reached your tights-wearing threshold for the season? Is the weather cooperating with your preferences? (Hope so!)


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15 Responses to “Dressed for: A Busy Saturday”

  1. PatchworkJackie

    I was feeling just this way this morning–tights and boots is one of my favorite wardrobe combinations, but at this point, I’m ready for bare legs, cropped pants, skirts and dresses with one fewer decision in the outfit–come on, spring!!

  2. Sallie Stephens

    I am a tights wearer and I gotta say, although I’m sick of winter, I would wear tights all year if I could. I don’t like the pasty white skin on my legs (Iknow, I know you just posted something about this recently) and I LOVE to wear dresses. Plus my legs are scarred and beaten up from years of riding bikes and falling, being a tomboy growing up, shaving cuts, etc. They are just not pretty, so tights cover up a multitude of issues. Ah well. Maxi skirts are always nice!

  3. AsianCajuns

    Your hair! That blazer! The belt! Love it all, Sally — you look gorgeous!

    Re tights: yes! Still considering my leg colour daily here. We had a wee sneak peak of spring at the beginning of March, and now while the rest of the UK roasts we are cold, rainy and foggy. Harumph. Though I really shouldn’t be surprised — bare legs get about three weeks here on a good year. Thank god there are castles to make up for it!



  4. PolarSamovar

    I’d rather wear tights than shave! And the Maine weather is cooperating with my preference. I don’t know why I’m not tired of snow and sleet yet after this winter, but I’m okay staying in hibernation mode for a little longer.

  5. Monica H

    I am a tights wearer when the weather cooperates, which is less often here in AZ than elsewhere. We have been in tights free (and really tall boots free) weather for some time now. Glad that spring is starting to reach the more northern climes as well, although it means it will soon be hot as blazes here.

    Sal, I would like to ask you about the sleeve length of that jacket. Being a tall woman, many “long sleeved” jackets seem to hit me about like that jacket does on you. To me, the sleeves.seem too long for 3/4 sleeves and not long enough for long sleeves, and it makes me crazy. Seeing that jacket on you makes me wonder if I should reconsider. Are there any “rules of thumb” about how long “3/4 sleeves” should be, or is it more a matter of personal taste and what works with your proportions?

    • Sally McGraw

      Great question, Monica – and a little tough to answer! So my understanding is that 3/4-length sleeves are typically a few inches past the elbow but no longer than halfway down the forearm. Bracelet sleeves, however, are just a tad longer. This blazer was billed as 3/4-length, but you’re right, it’s more on the bracelet end of things. To my eye, if these were an inch longer, they’d just look like they were too short for my arms and a bit off. As is, though, with about two inches of forearm showing, they work. But that’s a personal preference thing. And yes, even though there are guidelines for how long these styles of sleeve “should” be, in the end it’s all about what looks good and right to your eye.

      Do you cuff your jacket sleeves? I know that makes for a more casual look in many cases, but it can also turn bracelet sleeves into 3/4 in a snap …

  6. ballewal

    I love that dress. It looks shiny on the website but not in your photo. I wonder if it’s changed in the past year or their lighting is just weird.

  7. lindaloui232

    I hardly ever wear pants to work, but in April I wear them a lot because I am over tights and the weather is not quite warm enough for me to go bare legged.

  8. Anamarie

    I love this outfit!

    I’m totally a tights wearer, but don’t stray from black opaque or black patterned (dots, stripes, lace, whatever). I’m in Minneapolis, and was SO excited to go tights-less yesterday!! Faux wrap dress, nude shoes, so happy. Then, today happened. WTF. Had to grab the tights again. If snow is flying and it’s 20 degrees, I’d feel like an idiot with bare legs. I’m a dress woman, not a big fan of pants.

    FYI – I bought four pairs of DKNY 412 Control Top tights in November and have made it the whole winter with just those four pairs! Wearing 4 out of 5 work days, washing in machine on gentle in a lingerie bag, and hanging to dry. They are still super black, and I can only find one tiny hole in one of the pairs.

  9. Shawna McComber

    I’ve got my Timberland boots on today too and I just love them! I am ready to give up the tights too but I don’t think I can just yet. I can if I am wearing tall boots, or if I wear a longer, heavier skirt. It looks like spring but it’s still around 50 degrees.

  10. Patricia Magicia

    My tights threshold has long since passed; at this point if it’s just too cold for me to grin and bear it I’ll break out the dreaded pants. I’ll probably get sick of shaving my legs about six months from now and then embrace them again. It’s very much a cycle.

  11. Chris Moon

    This dress and boots combo is SO cute!

    In a related question: I’d like to change up my look by adding skirts and cute dresses like this into my spring rotation. I am strictly a trouser/long cardigan type of woman which is an easy, comfortable look for my middle-aged “H” shaped figure. Not having exposed my legs to the light of day in quite a few years, can you offer some tips as to how to accustom my eye to seeing myself in skirts and heels? The change in proportions seems so drastic that I chicken out before I get to the checkout. Also I’m a little uneasy about showing my legs without nylons or tights (which seem to be so out of fashion now . .) Any tips are welcome!

    • Sally McGraw

      Sure, Chris! It will mostly just take time and a little bit of forcing yourself to just go with the flow, but there are a couple of things you can try, mostly footwear-related. My assumption is some of this has to do with just not wanting to show your legs, but some is also feeling a little more chopped-up in skirts than pants.

      Do you wear boots? A pair of boots that is relatively close to your skin color will both cover much of your calves and help elongate your leg line. Doesn’t have to be nude, but if you’ve got pale skin go for tan instead of black and if you’ve got dark skin go for black or chocolate instead of gray, etc. Same goes for non-boots – colors that are fairly close in value to your skin tone will do less chopping up. If you’ll be more comfortable in nylons, go for it … but sadly, they will make you look a bit dated so if that’s a concern try to wean yourself off gradually.

      And if you’re not as worried about leg elongation but it’s mostly down to just not being used to seeing your legs, consider doing a skirt a week for a while – make it a habit so you become accustomed to the look and feel over time. You might even try an affirmation (they really do work!) like “I am trying something new with my style!” or “I love my lovely legs.” Or, ya know, whatever you can think of that feels positive and supportive as you venture into this new realm. Hope that helps!

  12. Rachel

    Oh yes, I am definitely over tights! Sadly, the weather isn’t co-operating – it was -2 when I left for work this morning. So it’s still the daily tights. About 80% of them have holes at this point, so I’m looking forward to tossing them when it’s finally warm enough for bare legs.