Dressed for: 95-degree Heat?

Already Pretty outfit featuring vintage dress, Indigo by Clarks Proctor boots, Hobo International In the Bag, Nixon Time Teller watch

Dress, vintage via Mighty Swell – more printed vintage dresses
Boots, Indigo by Clarks Proctor (no longer available) – similar
Earrings, Lulidesigns
Bracelets, Bibelot – similar look
Watch, Nixon Time Teller
Bag – Hobo International In The Bag

That’s right, I decided it would be a grand idea to wear tall leather boots on a day when it was 95 and humid. Why, you ask? Well, since I was running late and didn’t have time to shave my legs before meeting with a closet consult client, it was boots. Flat boots, since I knew I’d be standing or walking around for three-plus hours. Luckily, her apartment was air-conditioned!

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17 Responses to “Dressed for: 95-degree Heat?”

  1. Beckee

    I remember the “when to shave you legs” flowchart on your Lovely Links a while back. It was so funny…is wearing boots on the flowchart? 🙂

  2. Claire

    Nice work-around. And weren’t there some light-colored perforated boots from last year? I remember thinking that was also a clever/cooler option. It makes for a great question regarding the recent body hair conversation around here… would you wear leather boots in high summer heat rather than expose unshaved legs? I suppose it depends on your furriness comfort threshhold. I’m definitely more lenient now than I was in my teen/college years, but I still sometimes wear pants when I’d rather wear shorts (I’m one of the hairy ones)!

    • Sal

      Yes! I reached for those perforated boots over the weekend, but couldn’t get them to work with what I wanted to wear. They’ll be back, though!

      And, for the record, I don’t generally get TOO wound up about hairy legs in summer, but this was a case of really bad planning. I do want to look carefully groomed and pulled-together when I meet with clients, and with the running late I couldn’t shave. So: Boots!

      • Claire

        Yep, I hear ya. There’s personal comfort and then there’s the matter of cultural/work considerations. A delicate, hairy balance, hahaha! Those handy no-shave tricks are lifesavers in a pinch. 🙂

  3. adventures of a mad scientist

    Heh, I would have never thought of that! I don’t know if it would work in 120F heat, but it would be hilarious to try.

    I do love wearing dresses when it’s hot out. For some reason I have a larger range of motion and don’t feel constricted by jeans or a t-shirt. I don’t get it, but I don’t mind, either 😀

  4. Veronica

    Just bought and read the mini makeover pdf. Will start it Monday hopefully. Not sure I can get a solid block of 4 hours at once so I’ll be breaking it up either by 1-2 hours. I’ve recently purged and packed away some clothes so my hangers are a bit bare.:) There is still laundry to do though.:)

      • romy

        Haha Veronica, I was reading all the answers till I reached yours, I was like … what?… till I read your reply :D. haha
        Good luck with the laundry 😉

  5. Ruth Slavid

    Sorry Sally, I know you don’t like wearing trousers – but that’s why they were invented!
    If you are fed up with the heat do send some to London. This is the first day in 10 days, it hasn’t rained, they are predicting the temperature could get to 17C (63F). then the rain starts again tomorrow. I’m desperate to wear some summer clothes …

  6. sarah

    adorable ensemble, but how do you tolerate this type of fabric on a hot, humid day? I can’t abide anything but cotton on a day like that (I guess I can stand some types of synthetic fabrics if the garment is very light and loose fitting. and some types of “moisture-wicking” exercise clothes).

    • Sal

      I knew I’d be inside most of the day. But generally, I do prefer cotton for hot sticky weather!

  7. Annie

    Leggings/tights or boots are definitely my preferred fixes for no-shave days in hot summers. At some point, I will obtain a maxi skirt or dress and be MUCH cooler on those days. =P