Dressed for: A Black and White World

Already Pretty outfit featuring black cardigan, black and white stripe dress, Kate Spade glasses scarf, Rebecca Minkoff Logan crossbody bag

Scarf – Kate Spade via eBay
Cardigan – Banana Republic (no longer available) – similar
Dress – Joe Fresh (no longer available) – similar
Tights – Spanx
Boots – Timberland Stratham Heights (waterprooooof!)
Belt – Walgreens – similar
Earrings – Target (no longer available) – similar
Bag – Rebecca Minkoff Logan Crossbody via eBay

Adjusting to my new job and new schedule has meant that I haven’t had a lot of free time lately, and am rushing between appointments and tasks more than ever before. So I’ve been doing a LOT of outfits like this one: Black basics with a black and white print or pattern mix. It’s just shy of foolproof but still eye-catching. So if I only have 20 minutes between shower and shift, I’ll head to the boutique in something like this combo.

What’s YOUR last-minute, just-shy-of-foolproof outfit formula these days?


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22 Responses to “Dressed for: A Black and White World”

  1. Anna Bowling

    Last week, purged my closet of all the colors I don’t love, which leaves the vast majority of it black, white, gray and navy, and acquired replacement pieces in those colors. One of my favorite finds was a dress very similar to the one pictured, btw . Now everything goes with everything, making dressing on the fly much easier and more fun.

  2. Lisa

    I’d never noticed it before, but with this new hair you look like Annette Benning. In a good way!

  3. julie

    I end up doing that too much, but what I discovered was the wearing a dress is easy dressing, and i feel pulled together, rather than wearing my old uniform of dress pants and blouse, which probably looked neat and professional but was boring to me, and didn’t fully allow me to express my own sense of style at work, which is wear i spend the majority of time. i was looking for a pair of black dress pants to lend to someone attending a funeral yesterday and didn’t have a single pair!

  4. Erika A


    *ahem* The outfit is pretty awesome too. I am a fan of black-and-white outfits myself, and I think the mixing of the swirly loop pattern on the scarf with the stripes of the dress is a really cunning setup.

  5. Jenny- Adventures Along the Way

    You look great, and I love this outfit! I have been doing mostly black, white and grey in recent years, but especially since this summer. It just really appeals to me. A couple of touches of color some days, but mostly monochromatic. I just have not taken the plunge to go through my closet and get rid of the things that don’t fit that….maybe this summer….

  6. Katha // kathastrophal

    I love your hairstyle!

    Black and white prints are my favourite. I just posted an outfit with a new cardigan – it’s black with white dots and my go-to outfit formula at the moment is: anything + this cardigan :]

  7. Becky

    Honestly? I work at home, so my foolproof outfit is what I wore yesterday, except clean underwear. I realized after wearing the same thing for 4 days straight (it’s winter and this is a cold climate, things stay clean for ages) that I need to put outfits together on the weekend. As my wardrobe has expanded, picking out something to wear has gotten too challenging for first thing in the morning!

  8. beate

    beautiful closeup of your face!
    at this times i have a “neutral” wool skirt suit hanging at the closet door – most of my sweaters and tights go with them. and 2 big shawls – one eastern european style (dark) and one from kashmir (light). with nice colored leather gloves and a interesting handbag i´m done.

  9. Eleanorjane

    Nice outfit! I love me some black and white – I’ve been indulging of late with an animal print scarf, a checked coat and a smaller checked skirt. Sometimes I wear them all together!

  10. Nan

    Your hair looks absolutely amazing! I think this fits your urban high-energy stylish personality to a “T”. Just gorgeous. Oh – and you know I think all your ensembles are fab, right?

  11. walkercreative

    Love, Love, Love this . . . this look is NAILED! It looks like one of your power or “tough” outfits, even though the fabrics are soft. I especially love your pattern mixing and use of scale.

    My go-to outfit seems to be black and white with pops of pattern or color. This outfit in my style would have a wide red or gold (mustard) belt, and red or gold mixed in the scarf. In another overly-ambitious morning today my husband worried . . . “Do you know what you are going to wear?” I said “yep . . . No problem!” 10 minutes later I donned black pants, a gold cowl, and a long black cardigan. Added a black, white & gold large-print leopard scarf, and was out the door! I’ve this one in many renditions – works like a charm every time!

  12. KMH

    I will now be rushing straight home to try and make my hair do this — LOVE IT!