Dressed for: A Comfort Experiment

Already Pretty outfit featuring Diane Kennedy tunic, cropped Prairie Underground jeans, black pumps, black bangle

Tunic – courtesy Diane Kennedy (sizes through 3X!)
Jeans – Prairie Underground courtesy Shop Adorn (no longer available) – similar
Pumps – Etienne Aigner via Ideeli – similar
Bangle – Electric Fetus – similar
Earrings – thrifted – similar

I wore this outfit on a recent road trip and used it to conduct a minor experiment. I loved the polished look of the tunic, and flats felt like the wrong footwear choice for some reason. The road trip was long – 8 hours – and I spent most of it sitting in the car chatting with HM. Could heels work? They could. Especially since, on arrival, we ate, watched a movie, and crashed. No long walks for the entire day. Probably won’t become my default, but since my own comfort priorities are midsection-related it was interesting to find that I could wear heels and still be perfectly comfy for a long car ride.

What are your comfort priorities when road-tripping? Would you ever do heels or a slightly fancy dress when traveling for non-work reasons?


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14 Responses to “Dressed for: A Comfort Experiment”

  1. Annabeth

    I’d think a whole day spent sitting down in a car would be virtually the only occasion on which heels would be as comfortable as any other shoe. I mean, you’re not on your feet all day, so why would it matter? Other forms of traveling, though — where you either probably or certainly will have to hoof it a fair bit, and possibly in a hurry – IMHO, flats are the only way to go.

  2. Cindy M

    Hi Sal,
    This is not outfit related, but I wanted you to know that your blog comes through in mobile view when I try to read it through Bloglovin. It’s only been an issue for a few weeks, but I thought you’d like to know about it in case others are noticing the same problem.
    Keep up the fantastic work!

  3. Olivia

    For travel I wear knit pants or a pair with elastic in the waist to make sitting comfortable and loose tops, and for shoes I go for something that isn’t tight and is easy to slip off because my feet often swell if I sit for very long. Also, my softest, most comfortable bra so I’m not pinched.

  4. Niki

    Hey, nicely done, it’s not easy to look so chic yet be so comfortable on an 8 hour drive! My go to outfit for road trips is probably wide leg trousers and flats…might have to give heels a go, they’d certainly make me feel great for a short while anyway 🙂

  5. Cathy

    Love the tunic, and it looks comfortable.

    As a passenger, I’m usually barefoot (or sock-foot in winter) in the car. I would wear heels only if I thought I needed them immediately at the end of the trip.

  6. Heazure

    Hi! How did you get the tunic to have a boatneck neckline like that? I remember when you first got it, you found the cowl kind of fussy. That is my reservation about the tunic as well! I like it this way so much better!

    • Sally

      Hi Heazure! I actually shrunk the tunic a little on purpose. It was a bit big to begin with, and the shrinking took up some of the slack in that demi-cowl. Probably not the answer you were hoping for – sorry!

  7. Monica H

    On a road trip, or any other kind of trip, my comfort priority is always to make sure I’m not cold. With this outfit I’d be concerned that the tops of my feet would get cold, especially if I were flying. I’d always wear something layered with a jacket or sweater, even in the hottest weather, since everyone else always wants the AC colder than me! Also if I were driving on a part of the car trip, I would want shoes with low heels that stay on securely (laceups or mary janes or somethimg like that) as they are more comfy and safer when working the pedals. With that said, I do like this outfit!