Dressed for: A Fall Favorite

Already Pretty outfit featuring floral corduroy blazer, maroon tank, cognac belt, mustard skirt, cognac pumps

Blazer – thrifted – similar details
Tank – Bella
Belt – Gap (ancient) – similar
Skirt – Anthropologie (no longer available) – similar (available to 4X!)
Pumps – Corso Como Del
Necklace – self-made – similar
Earrings – courtesy Accessory Artists (no longer available) – similar

This blazer is an old fave, and since it’s corduroy I feel happiest wearing it in fall. I know cords and corduroy pieces can be worn outside of the autumnal window, but there’s something about the material that makes me think of crunchy leaves underfoot. Even when most of the leaves are still clinging to their respective trees.

Anyone else feel like corduroy is a fall fabric? Maybe it goes back to school days and breaking out the zingy cord pants for the fall semester …


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16 Responses to “Dressed for: A Fall Favorite”

  1. Cynthia

    Yep. Corduroy season definitely starts only when it is definitely fall and ends on the first warmish day.

  2. Eleanorjane

    Yup, definitely corduroy for autumn – well, actually for winter in my case ‘cos it’s warmer than other fabrics like demin. I won’t be rolling out my cords for a few weeks yet.

  3. K

    This is a gorgeous combination of colors!
    You remind me of the tree leaves that have changed color (deep red, yellow-orange) and those that have yet to turn (shades of green). To continue the metaphor further, the rich browns of your belt and shoes are reminiscent of tree bark.
    I adore the vibrant colors of fall foliage.

    I too love corduroy all the time, but yes, especially in fall. I think in addition to the often zingy fall colors cords come in, it’s a nice midweight material.

  4. Caitlin

    I love how autumnal this outfit is and how you have pulled colors from the blazer into the solid top and bottom of the outfit. What’s your secret for looking so put together?

  5. Kristina

    Oh, gosh, Levi’s cords were *the* pants for back-to-school in the 70s! (I still can’t stand that chirp-chirp sound they make when you walk, though it never fails to take me back to 5th grade). Love that blazer. It does look like fall to me, too.

  6. Melissa

    Your jacket is adorable! I love your style, I started following your blog recently and I have to say this is one of my favorite outfits!

    XO Melissa

    Sale Rack!

  7. Jessica

    I do – I have some cute little cord skirts that I could wear in the summer sans tights but for some reason I never reach for them. I have a cute little jacket too, similiar to yours, that would look cute in warmer weather too but just screams fall since it’s cord!

  8. AnaJan Stepalica

    Nice outfit! I’ve noticed you like wearing short jackets and blazers, which really suit your body shape. I also like how you manage to look so chic and put together, while not looking too official (I’m lacking a better word as I’m not a native English speaker). I’m leaning towards a similar look, but somehow I tend to appear too formal for my liking. 🙂

  9. Jess

    I absolutely love everything about this outfit! And yes, corduroy is definitely a fall fabric/fashion choice. It’s cozy but not hot, goes well with many other fabrics and adds that texture je ne sais que that some fabrics just don’t have. Sadly, the last corduroy that I owned was in, oh, 6th grade. It was picture day and apparently, all the 6th grader mums had shopped at the same store because half the girls showed up in the same purple floral-patterned (nowhere near your gorgeous jacket, tho!) hideousness that was either pants, a vest, a skirt or overalls. Classic! 🙂