Dressed for: A Farewell to Warmth

Already Pretty outfit featuring sweater duster, shirttail hem tee, NYDJ coated jeans, Barbara Briones booties, Foley + Corinna Mid-City tote, antique necklace

Cardigan – courtesy Jones New York – similar
Tee – Gap
Pants, Sheri Coated Jeans courtesy Not Your Daughter’s Jeans
Booties, courtesy Barbara Briones (no longer available) – similarbudget
Necklace – vintage – similar items
Wrap bracelet, Quince – similar
Watch – Nixon Time Teller
Earrings –  HSokol
Bag, Foley + Corinna Mid City Tote via eBay

This is the last of the snow-free outfits, friends, and don’t I look delighted to be romping around in a clear street in suede booties in early December? We had a nice, long, dry, warm fall here, but I do believe winter has settled in now.

Yet another neutral mix, a seasonal favorite to be sure. This massive necklace seems to work best with subdued tones, but I’m sure I’ll try it with brights as time rolls on.


P.S. How about a little snow preview, eh? Here ya go:

Already Pretty outfit featuring Lole red down coat, Sorel Cate the Great Boots

That’s the same street. Honest. Amazing, no?
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20 Responses to “Dressed for: A Farewell to Warmth”

  1. MargeauxB

    Just once–I want to see the lines with the sleeves not pushed up. I’m more than willing to bet that sleeves to your wrists will make the whole line look sleeker. The eye goes to the lightest tone, and by pushing up your sleeves to bracelet lenght, you cut the long line off.

  2. Veronica

    Love the outfit! At first glance I thought you had socks with sandals on. lol It looks very neutral and car free.:)

  3. k

    Very nice! I’m going to make an outfit like this in my own neutrals of black, charcoal, etc.
    So jealous of your gorgeous snow! I’m in the Pacific NW this winter and missing Wisconsin!

  4. sarah

    oh man, I *LOVE* this. That necklace is to die for – and the soft earth tones feel very chic! Also, like Veronica, I too thought you were wearing socks with sandals at first! hahahah =)

  5. Megan Mae

    The DH keeps trying to convince me moving to MN is a good idea. I keep seeing pictures like those and going UHHHH.. I’ve never even seen that much snow in person. Brr!

    I do love your incredible boots. Hope you’re keeping warm.

  6. SE

    Love this neutral outfit- and that necklace is too gorgeous. It goes beyond statement necklace, it’s an outfit-maker.

    I always like sleeves pushed up. One of the hardest parts of winter for me is that I have to keep my sleeves down once it gets cold, and then proportions are never as flattering. It’s about balance.

    That last picture is a true winter wonderland- makes me cold just to see it.

  7. Anna

    My goodness! There are cars in the background of this fashion shoot! The horror! the horror! 😉

  8. katie

    that last shot — oh man, gets me right in the feels. where i live currently looks like your top photo all winter (sometimes a bit more wet), but i’m from wisconsin and truly love winter — i miss it!

  9. Nikki

    That last picture makes me smile. I’m coming home to Minnesota next week for the holidays. I hope the snow will stick around until then!

    Also- can you tell us more about that winter coat? It is so cute and looks nice and cozy- the holy grail of winter-wear!

    • Sal

      Oh thanks, Nikki! Should’ve included coat info in the post. It’s by Lole and yoiks it looks like they’ve jacked up the price since I bought it: http://www.lolewomen.com/ca/en/luw0110.html Definitely Google “Lole Katie Jacket,” as there are some on-sale ones out there.

      It’s down, long, cozy, and includes hand gaiters (fingerless gloves) which annoyed me at first, but now I LOVE.

  10. Jamie

    I lived in Minneapolis for the past 5 years, and have been in Phoenix for the past year. I don’t know how I stumbled upon your blog, but reading it feels just like home, winter and all (I’m a bit homesick). I love your photos, it reminds me of the neighborhood I used to live in. However, let me tell you, I wear the same winter clothes in Phoenix now, when it’s 70 out, as you would on a nice dry December day. The snow..don’t miss too much. Thanks so much for sharing and inspiring!

  11. Dawn

    Absolutely love those pants on you, Love Love !!! I agree the sleeves pushed up balance things. I’m a sleeve pusher to. I read an article somewhere, how pushing the sleeve makes correct proportions or something like that LOL.

  12. vanda

    The boots are great!!! What a great difference from one picture to the other! In Crete- Greece, where I live, its 21C today!!!
    Kisses my dear!