Dressed for: A Neutral-free Zone

Already Pretty outfit featuring cobalt cardigan, emerald green eShakti dress, orchid purple suede pumps, Franco Sarto Cicero, magenta bib necklace

Cardigan – J.Crew Factory
Dress – eShakti – same dress in yellow
Necklace – via Gilt Groupe – similar items
Pumps – Franco Sarto Cicero
Bracelets – Target (no longer available) – similar look
Earrings – thrifted – similar

I’m not gonna lie to ya: I loved this combination of colors. I’m having lots of fun tinkering around with pastels, but bold brights will always be my favorites. Plus it always feels a little triumphant to pull together an outfit that includes absolutely no neutrals. At least, it does to a color-obsessed gal like me.

And you? Do you ever do neutral-free outfits?


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14 Responses to “Dressed for: A Neutral-free Zone”

  1. Carrie

    What a fun look! I like how you framed the blue and green with the purple accessories.

  2. STephanie Maslow

    You are so inspiring! As a New Yorker, I mostly wear black. Seeing all these beautiful candy colors together looking so awesome gives me incentive to try something new. Thank you, Sally!

  3. Virginia

    This is absolutely awesome! It’s inspiring me to work harder to try and add some colour in my wardrobe. I can’t count the times I’ve gotten dressed then realised I’m in all black.

  4. e

    This is one of those looks I would feel like a fool and very not-myself to wear, but makes my eyes so happy to see on other people! It really looks great!

  5. Patricia

    I love this outfit TOO much. It’s gorgeous… and the idea of knotting up a cardigan? Genius! I’ll have to try it.

  6. Mary

    I love this colour combination and the shoes are beautiful love the colour of them everything fits together so well

  7. Anna

    Wonderful colors and combination! My usual go-to is dark with one bright, or a single bright with everything else dark. This give me some great ideas.

  8. Karen

    So pretty and so pretty on you! I especially love how it coordinates with and plays up your leg art…. 🙂

    • Michelle...

      Yes, this! I love how the colours you’re wearing echo the colours in your tattoo (the matchy-matchy in me goes woooooo!)