Dressed for: A New Kind of Animal

Already Pretty outfit featuring snake print Michael Kors top, hitch belt, orange full skirt, John Fluevog studded Mary Janes

Snake print top – MICHAEL Michael Kors courtesy Dalitika
Belt – Tom Thomassimilar
Skirt – Banana Republic (no longer available) – similar
Shoes – John Fluevog (no longer available) – similar shapesimilar color
Earrings – don’t remember – similar

Although I dabble in zebra, I generally stick to leopard and cheetah when it comes to animal prints. But I do have a pair of snake print pumps that I adore, and the muted browns and blacks in this snake print top made it seem both slightly daring and fairly versatile. It came to me from Dalitika, an online shop of thrifted and secondhand items handpicked to suit the tastes of slightly older women. Items are constantly coming in and selling out, so peek in often!

Ever bought secondhand clothes online? Or do you stick to thrifting in person?


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16 Responses to “Dressed for: A New Kind of Animal”

  1. Halo

    I’m not into animal prints at all, but this look is nice on you. I especially like the vogs and the way you tied the belt–it’s kind of unexpected and cool.

    Thanks for the link to Dalitika. It sounded exciting, but they don’t seem to have any plus sizes. I’ll hope they expand their findings in future.

    • Grace

      But… there are a few kitems that are 1x – 3x. They aren’t sequestered or searchable as such… which I kinda thought was awesome.

    • Dalit Fresco

      Hi Halo,
      Thanks for visiting hhtp://dalitika.com – Check the new Fall collections – you’ll find some very cool plus items – I try and find beautiful pieces, small or large – and not compromise on quality.
      You can “Search” by size –
      Many thanks,

  2. Grace

    I clicked over to look at the online second hand shop and was so happy to see a really wide assortment of sizes. And the items not segregated by size! I often have the ‘womp womp” experience of looking at a second-hand shop and not seeing anything at all that would fit me, even at my best. 🙁 (Like, nothing above a size 10-12.) How lovely to be pleasantly surprised by this online shop — several cute things caught my eye and I was startled to realize– it would maybe fit! And then I thought, oooh, maybe some slim gal is startled when a piece she’s eyeing WON’T. 😉

    • Dalit Fresco

      Hi Grace,
      Thanks for visiting hhtp://dalitika.com – Check the new Fall collections – great finds, some very cool plus items – I try and find beautiful pieces, small or large – and not compromise on quality. I take also great pride in describing and measuring as best as I can!
      Many thanks,

  3. Andrea

    I prefer to buy second hand clothing online, actually. Working the thrift stores is a serious time commitment, and time is my most precious commodity these days. I’m happy to pay a little extra and avoid the hunt — its still possible to get a great deal. I stick with brands I know well, and only buy stuff for which the relevant measurements are posted. I’ve purchased skirts, cardigans, jeans, and even shoes with great success. I buy on eBay, and twice I’ve gotten items that I felt were in worse condition than described (one was a pair of shoes that smelled just AWFUL, the other was a pair of jeans that were almost worn through in the seat) but overall my experiences have been very positive.

  4. Rachel HB

    I had to chime in on this post because your blog inspired me to track down the BR skirt you’re sporting here. I just purchased one used on eBay this weekend!

  5. Cassie

    First, the outfit is adorable. I love the color of the skirt with the snake print top.

    I have purchased some second hand items from eBay, but I usually only stick to brands with whom I’m familiar with sizing and quality. It makes the purchase less of a gamble!


  6. Jen

    Thanks for the link to Dalitika! I found a very pretty dress and a linen blend light cardigan and since I went over a certain dollar amount I got my whole order for half off. And free shipping! So I spent around 32 bucks for a hemp dress and linen sweater, SCORE!

    • Dalit Fresco

      Hi Jen,
      So glad you liked your purchases.
      Check the new Fall collections – great finds, and of course – great prices.
      Many thanks,

  7. Judy

    Thanks for the link to Dalitka, I too found two items, an adorable striped tunic and a flyway summer sweater, and I got the half price deal as well, so two items for $30! The experience was good and my items shipped same day. I am excited to get them and your recommendation is what made me comfortable enough to give them a try. Thanks again!

    • Dalit Fresco

      Hi Judy,
      Thanks for visiting hhtp://dalitika.com – so glad you had a good experience.

      Check the new Fall collections – great finds, which I’m adding almost daily!


  8. No fear of fashion

    I shop thrift clothes in person. Usually new clothes too. Although you might think otherwise I have no confection size. Or I don’t have the eye to see what suits and fits me.
    This outfit is so nice. I like everything about it. I give you a 10.

  9. Gillian

    I love this outfit! Seems like quintessential Sally – cool print, sassy skirt, bright red, bold belt, and offbeat beautiful heels.