Dressed for: A New Shade

Already Pretty outfit featuring cargo coat, Desigual scarf, jeggings, Miz Mooz purple boots

Coat, Opitz (overdyed) – similar – more cargo coats
Tee – Gap
Skinnies – courtesy Karen Kane
Boots, Miz Mooz Shelley (no longer available) – similar (in deep purple)
Scarf, Desigual (no longer available) – more Desigual
Earrings, art fair – similar

So, remember this coat?

Well, I over-dyed it last weekend and I’ve gotta say I like it SO MUCH MORE now that it’s black! (Posted an initial photo over on Facebook Sunday evening.)

I used a process similar to the one outlined here, but since I wasn’t sure of the fiber content I tried a new-to-me product: iDye. iDye has a natural fiber line and a “poly” line, which can be used in combination for fiber blends. The dyes come in tiny, soluble packets for reduced mess (still gotta be careful), and they worked beautifully. The natural versions can be done in the washer, but the poly required stovetop. I stirred for a looooooooong time to get this result, but I’m just thrilled. I think the coat will get far more use now that it’s less … well, white.

Anyone else know of good fabric and clothing dyes? What do you use? (Note: Always, always follow dye package instructions!)

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24 Responses to “Dressed for: A New Shade”

  1. Rebecca

    Job well done! That coat looks awesome. It’s amazing how just changing the colour of a piece can totally transform it.

  2. Suburban Style Challenge

    I saw the photos of this jacket on Facebook and showed my mom and dad–they kinda thought I was crazy for thrifting for pieces that are dyeable. They were both shocked that it was the same piece! It came out beautiful, and its a perfect example of how dying articles of clothing can give them new life.

    Thanks for the heads up on iDye. Bought a sweater last fall I planned to dye but it’s poly. Rit doesn’t do poly, so I thought I was stuck with it. I’ll give iDye a shot I think!

  3. D

    What a transformation! That looks great! And your outfit is super cute, per usual.

  4. Judy

    Wow! Nice result on the coat! I was wondering how that was going to turn out!

  5. Aibrean

    Ahhh, this outfit is now one of my favorites of yours! The jacket looks so much better now! I like that the color disguises the shape of the pockets.

    I’m sure you’ve said this before, but do you have a specific pot that you only use for dying clothing, or do you just use one of your regular cooking pots?

  6. Megan Mae

    It turned out so great! I think you’ll get a lot of use out of it now.

    I’ll admit I’ve dyed stuff once. I turned a lot of things pink in the process, and I wasn’t satisfied with the results. I’m also too chicken to wash any of the dyed stuff again. Ah well, maybe when I’m not living out of someone else’s house I’ll be more adventurous. My MIL just has a penchant for white everything!

  7. Cheryl

    I have have been happy with Dye-na-flow paint for overdying. (http://www.dharmatrading.com/html/eng/1605-AA.shtml). I use this very thin, dye-like paint instead of an actual dye because of the nasty (read carcinogenic) chemicals that are released when using a dye. But I am a silk painter and I need to be more concerned about exposure than somebody who only uses dyes once in a while.

  8. Kathy

    Hi Sally, I enjoy your blog, just discovered it a month ago! I haven’t dyed garments, but I do a lot of fabric dyeing using Procion dyes, which I’ve purchased from Dharma Trading. The have a lovely informative website with dyes for different fibers. I like the coat in the darker color. You are using a pot dedicated only to dyeing for your stovetop dyeing, right? Kathy

  9. Lisa

    I use Rit dye, even for poly blends, just don’t get the true shade. I’m usually doing something that’s ruined anyway to see if I can revive it so it’s no big deal if it doesn’t turn out! Coat looks great!

  10. Kelly Blackwell

    The coat is absolutely perfect now. Well done! I love it. I might have to look into doing that myself. I have a great cargo coat, but its khakiness is boring me. You are so inspiring. 🙂

  11. Anna

    Looks great! I have a dull blue dress that I’ve been wanted to turn into my LBD. This may be the ticket. I have done a lot of dyeing in the past and always found that Rit faded and Tintex held up very well. Dyes seem to have improved their formulations since then.

  12. sarajane

    Awesome job on the coat! It looks fabulous and you reminded me that I have a similar coat in my closet that could use some dye-bath love. I dye and overdye a lot of stuff, because I like unusual colors, which are harder to find in Plus sizes. Like Kathy, I use Procion dyes from Dharma Trading. The colors are awesome, but the dyes are a little more fiddly than good old Rit – you have to salt the water very heavily and fix the dyes with a soda ash solution, but the colors are beautiful and much longer lasting than Rit. I do the majority of my dyeing in the washing machine, so cleanup is easy. Oh, and if you have some favorite black pieces that are faded, re-dyeing works fabulously to restore them to their previous inky glory.

  13. Lynn

    Great dye result on the coat!

    Commenting all the way from the UK – I swear by a brand called Dylon – I am pretty sure you can get in the States and in Canada too – they have stovetop and washing machine varieties – I use the washing machine type – on Cotton and Viscose only, but so easy. Have dyed everything from Jeans, to dresses to couch covers!

  14. Laura P

    Sally, how do you like those Miz Mooz (love the color) do you have any other pairs? I’m finding their sizing wonky(8 in boots, 8.5 in pumps), but I love LOVE my riding boots from them!!
    I’m curious if I’m the only one. I bought another pair of booties and couldn’t even get my foot in!

    • Sal

      Oh, I adore them, Laura. But you’re right, Miz Mooz sizing is totally wacky. They generally run big – I’m an 8 sometimes 8.5, and generally take a 7.5 in Miz Mooz! But they’re comfy and well-designed. A great brand, if you can get past the sizing inconsistencies!

  15. Ramona black

    I think this is my favorite of any if your outfit posts! I want it!

  16. Natalie

    I love the result, Sally! I could never wear a white coat. It would be destroyed by the end of the day.
    As a long-time art teacher, I can also recommend Dharma Trading Dyes. I have used them in my classroom as well as in some fashion “experiments.” They also sell white clothes that you can dye and some really good customer service. And no, I don’t work for them… but when you find a good product it is worth sharing!
    Kudos to you for trying to dye clothes too! A lot of non-artists are afraid to try this sort of thing!