Dressed for: A Pretty Pile of Baubles

Already Pretty outfit featuring navy blazer, plaid shirt, statement necklace, skinny jeans, Frye Vera Slouch boots, J.W. Hulme bag

Blazer – Elie Tahari via Opitzsimilar
Shirt – thrifted – similar
Jeans – courtesy Karen Kane
Boots – Frye Vera Slouch
Necklaces – H&M, Ideeli, and Target
Bag – J.W. Hulme

It’s been a while since I did a necklace pile, but once I got going with this outfit it was hard to stop. Everything else felt marvelously tomboyish, so gobs of rhinestones created the perfect balance. I wore this for a cozy girls’ night in chatting with a dear friend.

Hope you’ve got some fun New Year’s Eve plans coming up, or if 2014 has already arrived where you live, that you’re enjoying a relaxing New Year’s Day off of work!


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2 Responses to “Dressed for: A Pretty Pile of Baubles”

  1. Sarah

    Hey Sally – any tips for keeping the necklaces un-tangled? I love the look of layered necklaces, but they always get tangled immediately.

    • Sally

      Good question, Sarah – mine definitely get jumbled over time, too. Doing necklaces of varying lengths (I’ve got three lengths here) and weights helps. If everything is long and lightweight, you’ll end up with a knot in no time. But heavier pieces will stay toward the back with lighter ones floating up front a bit more. Hope that helps!