Dressed for: A Whole Lotta Leopard

Already Pretty outfit featuring leopard print tunic, skinny jeans, red peeptoe heels, red earrings

Leopard print tunic, Opitzsimilar
Skinny jeans, courtesy Karen Kane
Red peeptoes, Bronx Dance Hall via Ideeli
Earrings, they came with a necklace – similar
Studded wrap bracelet, Streets Ahead via Ideelisimilar

This tunic was a mega-bargain and I loved the easy fit and asymmetric neckline … but once I got it home, it felt like a whole lotta leopard. Somehow more leopard-y than a leopard-print dress, even! Could be because it’s such a high-contrast print. ANYHOO I finally discovered that a plain pair of dark-wash skinnies worked to tone it down, and I could still add some sassy red accents.

Do you wear animal prints? Whole garments, accents, or both? Got a favorite?

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13 Responses to “Dressed for: A Whole Lotta Leopard”

  1. Leslie

    I almost always pair leopard prints with red. Red top & black pants? Leopard shoes!

  2. Megan Mae

    Gorgeous print! I love the funky neckline.

    I’ve tried everything from zebra to ‘cat’ prints to snakeskin. I love it, but it’s just not my style. I like more ‘realistic’ bug prints or other slightly more out there creatures, but classic leopard I am not. I’ll stick with a basic stripe or tiedye.

    • Kylara7

      Exactly my viewpoint…it’s just not a look for me, but I like it on other people. As Anonymous stated below, I often think it looks really good on blond people (which I am not).

  3. Viktoria

    That tunic is gorgeous on you. Those brown spots compliment your hair and the contrast suits you, too. And the fit, it´s like it´s made to measure.

    I have one skirt in that grey snakeskin print. My husband loves it, but the skirt is so lightweight, that I feel naked in it. If it fell off, I really wouldn´t notice, and that makes me feel very awkward. But I keep it for him.

  4. Sara

    The neckline is great! I like the way you paired it with the black skinnies and pops of red. I like animal prints of all shapes, sizes and varieties because they can go from casual to dressy.

  5. Anonymous

    i am a pale redhead, and whenever i put on animal print i feel like i look like a cheap ho. my best friend is blond, really tall with rather wide shoulders and a sporty figure can rock a sheer animal print blouse even with a matching belt and flats with skinny jeans and looks just plain cool.

  6. Linda L

    Oh, yes, I have a lot of animal print pieces. Leopard, zebra, and snake. Shoes, belts, cardigans, blouses, skirts, scarves. My favorite is an Ann Taylor pencil skirt in a leopard print.

  7. Linda

    I have to say I wish animal prints (that is, prints that mimic the skin of an animal, not the dachshund print you had the other day) would go away already. I do not enjoy them at all and they’re taking up all the market space for prints in general, which I love.

    • Susan

      I’m with you – I love prints, but I don’t get animal prints. I don’t mind them on others, but they don’t call to me at all.

  8. Shannon

    The shoes are to die for. I just stumbled across your site and am absolutely loving it. Thanks!