Dressed for: Autumnal Plaid

Already Pretty outfit featuring black cashmere turtleneck, skinny plaid pants, ECCO Parnu booties, Rebecca Minkoff Logan Crossbody

Sweater – via eBaysimilar
Pants – thrifted – similar
Booties – Parnu courtesy ECCO
Bag – Rebecca Minkoff Logan Crossbody via eBay
Earrings –  White Sands Glass

You caught me: Those gorgeous fall leaves are long gone now. I figured I’d better try to sneak this one in before November turns to December and the mere sight of them will bring my fellow Minnesotans to tears.

These pants were a MAJOR thrift score. Plaid pants are fairly common at my thrift haunts, but most of them are trousers and widelegs, generally in itchy wool tweeds. These aren’t super skinny, but they’re slim enough for my needs AND they’ve got a relatively high waist. I believe I actually jumped for joy upon finding them.

Had any monumental thrift scores yourself lately?


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6 Responses to “Dressed for: Autumnal Plaid”

  1. Janice

    WOW!!! They look fantastic on you! My latest thrift store find was a Ralph Lauren 3/4 coat for $4.50. The same day, I bought a Coldwater Creek dress for $3. It was a black wrap dress with 3/4 sleeves. I was very happy! The next day, I went in a new consignment shop near me and bought a beautiful Haggar jacket that still had the tags on for $17.50. The suggested retail was $155. It fits perfectly. I love to go thrifting on the 1/2 price days and sometimes I find some really nice things. I like the nice clothes, but not the prices, so thrifting is good for me!

  2. Siobhan

    Noice! The thrift store gods seem to be with you. They recently deigned to grant me a brand new Marc Jacobs coat (with Net-A-Porter tags attached!!!) and a perfect tan leather handbag, very good quality with lots of metal buckles and zips. Here’s to more thrift store gems!

  3. BamaCarol

    I have a wonderful pair of ECCO booties that are by far the most comfortable shoes I own! Well, except for house slippers. Love the plaid pants; I’ve been i the look out for a plaid skirt myself.

  4. Krysta

    I seem to do just as well, if not better, at clearance racks in stores as I do finding clothes at thrift stores.

    My two thrift store purchases I’m currently most fond of… One is a LeSportsac back (was about $8, IIRC). The other is a pair of black leather Seychelles pumps that were in nearly-new condition (the only way you could tell they had been worn at all was the debris on the soles, no wear at all). They were quite pricey for a thrift store purchase ($27), but thrift stores around here are normally mediocre-at-best. (Or I’m not good at finding things at them, either could be true.)

  5. Melanie

    Not long ago it was the “good-bye to bare legs” post and now it’s the “so long, leaves” post. Where does the time go?!
    Great plaid pants and punked up the way I like with that little platform on the boot.
    I’ve had major thrifting luck with man robes and maxi dressing gowns lately, around $20 a pop, which I like as outer wear with layers. But slim pickins in all other departments. Oh shoe gods, please don’t forsake me!