Dressed for: Autumnal Tones

Already pretty outfit featuring rust cardigan, lime green jersey dress, cognac pumps, leopard print handbag, Dana LeBlanc necklace

Cardigan, Land’s End Canvas
Dress – Gabriella Rocha Edithe via 6pm
Pumps – Tsubo Dufay courtesy Tsubo
Necklace, Dana LeBlanc 
Garnet stud earrings, gift – similar
Wrap bracelet, Quince – similar
Bag, Hype via LastCall – similar

Ahhh, fall transitional. I want nothing more than to wear my sweaters and leggings, but it’s still awfully warm around here. So I threw together an outfit of summery layers featuring fall colors. As often happens this time of year, the season and the weather can’t seem to agree!

Are you feeling the urge to dress for the coming season despite current weather? What tips would you share?

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21 Responses to “Dressed for: Autumnal Tones”

  1. shebolt

    September in NJ can be just as warm as August. I tend to buy transitional pieces in fall colors. All it takes is a sleeveless teal shirt or rust-orange short sleeve cardigan, and I can dress for the weather and the season.

  2. Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

    Yes, I want to wear Fall clothing, but it’s still steamy – so I love this idea of changing colors. I’m also switching to closed toe shoes, just because. : > Love your necklace!

  3. Jill

    Just to remember – it’s still summer, glorious summer, until September 22. Good to the last drop!

    • Izabela

      That’s exactly what I was going to say! It’s not fall yet, and I’m not transitioning until the calendar tells me it’s officially fall.

  4. Aging fashionista

    I think you have it right. Fall colors, lightweight fabrics, maybe boots and light but fall colored scarves. Like to pair black, brown, gray with cobalt or red cottons for one last hurrah. Long or elbow length sleeves but in lightweight weight fabrics. Start layering.

  5. Aziraphale

    Looks like you’ve got it under control. I can’t really think of any other way to deal with the urge to “dress fall” when it’s still hot other than to indulge in a fall colour palette. You look nice today. (See, look, a compliment! Right on topic. And I’m not even implying that usually you don’t look nice). Fall colours suit your complexion and hair colour.

  6. Becky

    I love this outfit!

    Since moving to Maine, it has been weird to me that cool, Fall-type temperatures actually arrive in early September! Time to break out the leggings, sweaters, and fall jackets. Yay!

  7. Garcia

    I totally feel you…Iowa weather is notorious for never making up it’s mind during the seasons and this year was very interesting, to say the least…

    But since I got the okay from my boss to wear colored tights and leggings (apparently it’s something as a no-no in the clothing rules, but my previous boss at the previous branch I worked at didn’t really care…but then again, previous boss wore all sorts of tops that showed off the goods, if you know what I mean), I’ve been counting down the days to whip out my layers of awesomeness…and I can’t wait for full on winter temps (40ish for me, I run cold to begin with) so I can pull out my high school varsity jacket (a real one with my letter I earned) and bright pink double button coat…bring it on, cold weather, I’m ready…

  8. Ruth Slavid

    How odd. I’m desperate to carry on wearing summer clothes for as long as possible. Delighted to be having a weekend in Italy upcoming, and also a week’s work in Singapore, so that I can wear some of my summer clothes that have hardly been on this summer. Once the colder weather comes I am happy to live in it, but a ‘yearning’ to get into sweaters and tights – I just don’t understand that.

  9. Cee

    The colours are beautiful on you Sally.

    I have one quick question, though: does your cardigan stay like that? It makes such a beautiful line, but when I try to wear mine in a similar way, it tends to fall apart and bunch up around my sides as soon as I move. Is this a situation for fashion tape, maybe?

  10. Sophia

    Sally, do you know what stone the beads are made of? Is it some kind of Picture Jasper or Picasso Jasper?
    thanks, Sophia x

  11. Eleanorjane

    Don’t wish your life away! I remember months of posts in the snow with complaints about the endless winter… 🙂

    I am looking forward to boots, though. And hats. There are excellent boots and hats in the shops now but they won’t be useful for a while yet (although it is getting noticeably colder in England now).

    • Sal

      Oh Eleanorjane, I’m not complaining! Most of the U.S. is yearning for autumn right now. It’s just what happens this time of year!

  12. Viktoria

    I wish I could still dress like that. I would really like to have that cardie. I´m looking for a pair of stylish wellies, me.

  13. Linda

    I was eyeing those cardigans recently. Recommended? I like a more shaped, waist-defining fit and it looks kind of big and baggy on the LE model, but I find that on models most things do, so it’s hard to tell.