Dressed for: Brights and Braids

Already Pretty outfit featuring pink wool moto jacket, Nanette Lepore dress, ECCO Sculptured 65 boots, Rebecca Minkoff Logan crossbody, cashmere scarf

Wool moto – Gap (no longer available) – a few on eBaysimilar look
Dress – Nanette Lepore courtesy Dalitka
Tights – Spanx
Boots – ECCO Sculptured 65
Cashmere scarf – gift – similar
Bag – Rebecca Minkoff Logan Crossbody via eBay
Earring – BGB Jewelry

I’m trying my best to bring some bright colors back into rotation as we plow through the dead of winter, and this nearly neon moto is definitely helping. It’s several months old, but since it is constructed from a sturdy, lined, boiled wool it is earning its keep as a great option for subzero days.

I was also thrilled to find a scarf tie that made this oversized, incredibly long cashmere scarf a bit more manageable. Check out this simple braided scarf tutorial. SO fun! And always happy to add a new scarf tie to the arsenal.

Are you wearing lots of color these days? Sticking to neutrals till the weather turns?


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20 Responses to “Dressed for: Brights and Braids”

  1. Mame

    This is the prettiest outfit, with such a great blend of vitality and chic! That pink is YOUR color!

  2. Linda L

    Color for me! I actually wore that same pink moto jacket on Tuesday with a black and white striped skirt. Yesterday, I wore mostly red. Today I’m wearing teal head to toe and tomorrow – gotta be orange and blue for the Broncos!

  3. Lindsey D.

    I really like this outfit. The jacket is great and the skirt is colorful but still subdued enough that it’s not fighting with the jacket. Definitely going to have to try the braided scarf tutorial!

    Halfway Heroine

  4. Cel

    That jacket, oh wow! The colour is amazing, and the cut looks fantastic on you. I too have been spicing up the winter times with colourful clothes, it gets me a lot of compliments on the gloomier days and helps me stay cheery too.

  5. The Cat

    I nearly NEVER ‘stick to neutrals’! 🙂 I aim to use at least one “real” colour in one or several items every day – and I get lots of positive comments, so this is a strategy I can really recommend.
    In winter, I especially like to use reds, purples, deep blues and deep greens to enliven my grey and black basics.

  6. Grace

    What does “It’s several months old” mean, in regard to the jacket, exactly? It sounds as though you are surprised to still be wearing it!

    • Sally

      It means that I bought it several months ago and it hasn’t yet appeared on the blog. I mention this because it is long sold out.

  7. Trystan (the CorpGoth)

    That jacket rocks! I’m sure I lusted after that exact one as a teenager in the ’80s — which isn’t to say it looks dated bec. it looks perfectly modern & stylish right now; just with a touch of new wave awesomeness 🙂 I also love the bag. I really need to get more crossbody styles; going to pin that one for reference.

  8. Nebraskim

    OMG I was so close to pulling the trigger on that Gap bright pink moto but it felt like too much of a statement piece that I could not wear dozens of times a year without it becoming sort of a joke. But I LOVE this look. I tend to buy classics that will last forever. (I recently told someone, when they commented favorably on a Perry Ellis sweater I was wearing that I got in 1987 at TJMaxx that I tend to buy items that are classic and not really in style so they never go out of style…..) BUT I LOVE THAT MOTO.

  9. Mary B

    Now THAT a great winter outfit! Couldn’t love the pink jacket more! The way it and the skirt play off each other is yummy!!

  10. Gracey the Giant

    Man, I kick myself every time I see someone in that jacket; I should have bought one when I had the chance. Boo for me. But hooray for you! The jacket is perfect and I love it with the dress. Gorgeous colors for winter.

  11. Laurel H

    I never would have thought of pairing pink with green, but this works because they’re in the same tonal range (jewel tones). As for me in frigid Ontario, I don’t care what colours I’m wearing as long as I’m warm. Maybe in March I can start to convince myself that spring will come eventually (no matter what the groundhogs say on Sunday).

  12. Louise

    I’m so glad you found such a great way to wear the scarf! The braiding works perfectly with that long beast 🙂

  13. Justine

    I adore the pink, green and black Sally. What a gorgeous combination of colours. Bright and pretty but with backbone as well. Your outfits are so inspiring!

  14. Ann

    Love this, almost purchased this jacket myself. Seeing how great you look in it, I wish I did! It looks great paired with green and black. We need brights here in MN. This winter is getting a bit long, isn’t it?!

    blue hue wonderland