Dressed for: Buttoning Up

Already Pretty outfit featuring asymmetric blazer, black full skirt, burgundy boots

Blazer – thrifted – similar shape
Skirt – Banana Republic (no longer available) – similar
Tights – SPANX High-waisted Tight-End Tights
Boots – Sam Edelman Seraphina
Earrings – came with a necklace – similar details

I thrifted this blazer a year or so ago, and I still adore its shape and details … but I’ve realized that it looks completely weird worn unbuttoned. The flaps hang open at odd angles and the shaping at the sides is completely lost. So I guess it’s more of a top than a blazer!


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23 Responses to “Dressed for: Buttoning Up”

  1. Susan

    Lovely blazer. Just curious–are both sides curved? I assume so, but I could imagine that if it were intended to be worn as you are wearing it, some of the bulk of the other side might have been designed out of it.

    Also, FWIW, if you never open it up, you can wear one of your tighter stained white tees underneath to sop up the perspiration. I do this with theatrical costumes all the time.

    • Sal

      Thanks, Susan! Yes, both sides of the front hems are curved. And I totally wear a tee underneath to save on dry cleaning. Good tip. 😉

  2. déjà pseu

    Sally, I love that blazer, and it reminds me of one I purchased a little over thirty years ago which was already a vintage piece *then.* It’s a beautiful shape and looks like it fits you perfectly!

    • Susan

      Exactly. I love clothes whose details ARE the accessories. Embroidery or applique on the yokes (e.g. cowgirl shirts, but not just those), unexpected lines (like Sally’s blazer), unusual buttons, interesting applique–all that stuff that’s just too expensive to add

      That said, you can replace buttons or add a line or two of French knots in complementary colors along the lapels of a funky jacket (denim, sure, but polished cotton, definitely) to make a garment interesting.

  3. Shiloh

    I absolutely love this silhouette on you! That jacket is a beautiful cut and I hear you about jackets that are really meant to stay buttoned-up. It is frustrating! But, it is a great style and good for those days where there is little to no warmth to be found.

  4. Annie

    This is gorgeous and it looks fantastic on you. I’ve coveted a lot of uniquely shaped blazers like this that I’ve seen on Modcloth, etc., although I never really thought about the whole “hanging funny when open” problem before. But now I want one even more. 😛

  5. Cléo

    Love this blazer – the asymmetry, of course, but also the fitting and the super-sleek collar. Is that ever annoying to wear–itchy, or pok-ey?

    • AnnR

      I see myself with a scarf at the neck to keep the collar from scratching.

  6. Sheila

    It’s a wonderful shape and cut – I adore that swoopy curve of the front. But yes, it’s frustrating when a jacket can only be worn one way!

    Looking fab, Sal!

  7. dustwindbun

    so funny – over the weekend I thrifted a suit with a jacket exactly like that, only in a blue tone rather than brown. It looked one-of-a-kind – like high-end handmade. And it fit like it was made for me.
    it fit like it was made for me at my usual “set point” weight and size rather than the one I’ve been hovering at (10-20lbs up) lately. but given that I do have a set point, I couldn’t pass it up. I’ll save it for next summer!

  8. Viktoria

    Wonderful blazer. It looks like some futuristic tracht, folksie and modern at the same time. I´m sooo envious.

  9. coffeeaddict

    Dang! Gorgeous blazer and like Amber said absolutely worth it even if it’s only wearable buttoned up. Though I would experiment with large scarves and statement necklases

  10. Bella Q

    What a great blazer. Or sweater in the way that you wear it one way only. Worth it. It looks goooood!