Dressed for: Columnar Contrast

Already Pretty outfit featuring white blazer, black tank, black ponte pants, black pumps, Marc by Marc Jacobs Hillier, statement necklace

Blazer, gift/hand-me-down – similar
Tank – Target
Ponte pants – via eBaysimilar
Pumps, Etienne Aigner via Ideeli – similar
Bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs Hillier Hobo via eBay
Necklace, vintage – more vintage bib necklaces
Studded wrap bracelet, Streets Ahead via Ideeli – similar
Earrings, courtesy Metalicious

I’ve seen a couple of outfits similar to this one, but Emma Watson’s take was the one that really inspired me. I love the clean, modern look of a black “column of color” with a contrasting bright, white blazer. The necklace was scored at an antique store during Audi’s recent visit, and I loved letting this massive piece just peek out between the blazer’s lapels.

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8 Responses to “Dressed for: Columnar Contrast”

  1. Allie

    Oh that necklace is phenomenal, you’re lucky I live across the country so I can’t steal it from you! And love the clean look with the pop of color in the bag!

  2. Kai

    You crafted an amazing outfit here – that never would have occurred to me. Somehow understated and bold at the same time. Inspirational!

  3. CJ

    Wow! I hardly ever comment, but that outfit is phenomenal! Your legs look six miles long!

  4. Amber of Butane Anvil

    See, this is what I love and appreciate so much about your blog, Sally! You look just lovely, and you explain why an outfit works. Awesome! I have the column of colour principle at work in my own post today, but it was kind of a stab in the dark which happened to turn out. Now I know why! And that is one fabulous necklace.

  5. Bekka

    I love the way that necklace is integrated! It looks almost like part of the shirt. I think a lot of people (like me) are nervous about big necklaces overwhelming, and this is a great way of showing they can be subtle as well.