Dressed for: Comfy Layers

Already Pretty outfit featuring Desigual scarf, green cardigan, cobalt blue dress, magenta snakeskin flats

Scarf – Desigual – more Desigual scarves
Cardigan – thrifted – similar
Dress – Gabriella Rocha (no longer available) – similar
Flats – thrifted – similar
Bracelets – Goldy + Mac – similar
Earrings – Noir via Ideeli – similar

An acupuncturist once told me I should keep my neck covered. (I feel like I’ve mentioned this before …) She meant to keep warm, but I have to say that I feel most comfortable overall when my neck isn’t too exposed. Secure, cozy, and happy. So I’m very excited that cooler temps are on the way, allowing me to bust out my oversized scarves and indulge in their specific comfort. This outfit was made even comfier since its building blocks were drapey jersey and walkable flats.

Do you love open necklines or prefer to keep your neck under wraps?


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24 Responses to “Dressed for: Comfy Layers”

  1. sarah

    oh, me too! I’m such a scarf girl. Every spring/summer (depending on the year here in Seattle, could be as late as June), when I finally admit to myself that it is TOO WARM to be wearing a scarf, I feel a little exposed and vulnerable for the first week as I adjust! My scarves are like my security blankets – for my neck!

    I just knitted up a big oversized beanie (a la Giles Deacon’s f/w 2013 show) for this year that I think might be a pinch-hitter on days when it’s too warm to have the whole neck covered. =)

  2. Anne

    I saw a woman this morning wearing a bright green top and a bright blue sweater. Her look reminds me of yours. I looked at her and thought, “Hey, two of my favorite colors. I should wear them together.” It’s like the universe is sending me a message…or maybe it’s just my closet?

  3. Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

    wonderful scarf, Sal. I wore a large scarf today too, and moved it from around my neck, to around my shoulders, to a sarong late in the day. Yes, I worked that scarf : >

  4. Sarah

    Ugh, I hate anything touching my neck. And I can only tolerate layers. Makes fall and winter dressing a challenge, at best. Love all the colors in your outfit, though.

  5. Jen

    I usually avoid scarves because they just emphasizes my already large chest. Recently I bought a short fur scarf that doesn’t loop around. Instead it has a large “bunny tail” on one end and gaps at the other end to feed the tail through to secure the scarf. It’s warm and snuggly around my neck and doesn’t hang down to my chest. I love it.

  6. Leslie

    Hi Sally,

    Cute outfit. It’s great how many wonderful things you finding thrifting.

    I love, love, love covering my neck in cool weather. I agree that it feels cozy and comforting. The softer and woolier, the better!


  7. Olivia

    Except for in very cold weather, I prefer open necklines. Turtle necks are an absolute no-no.

  8. Kellie

    Yeah, so, um, Sally — I’m going to need you to go ahead and GIVE ME THAT SCARF!

    Love it! (And I love scarf season, too!)

  9. Aya in Couturgatory

    Wow, that scarf is a knockout! I love how you’ve styled it and how its colors just jump out.

    Do you happen to have the specific name of that scarf? I know Desigual has so many gorgeous patterns. I’d love to look up the pattern of your scarf all spread out. Thank you!

  10. Michelle...

    I have a drawer full of scarves that would suggest that I prefer to keep my neck under wraps.
    Sadly, I never wear them. Scarves are too fussy for every day (I work in a lab) and when I do wear them “out” I end up fussing with them too much to enjoy wearing them 🙁

    • Dee

      Thats me too! But I do love the way they look on others, and that one Sally has on, is gorgeous!

  11. Krysta

    I love the green cardigan with the blue dress!

    For me, I prefer to keep my neck open. I rarely wear scarves, and all of my necklines are lower. Crew neck, turtle necks, chokers, scarves… They all feel too constricting, like I’m going to be strangled at any moment. I also get uncomfortable with people touching my neck, including close friends and family.

    • LinB

      Exactly! “Keep off of my neck, you chokers”. Also, I don’t like the sensation of head hairs touching my neck and shoulders, so I keep those suckers chopped really short. (Which means REALLY short, because I have a short neck.)

      • Krysta

        I don’t have a problem with hair touching the back of my neck, though most of the time I have my hair pulled back anyways (either back into braids or up in buns). I keep my hair long because it’s unmanageable short. I have to wash it far more than is healthy for it to keep it tamed while short, but length pulls some of the unruliness out of it.

  12. Grace

    I like your colors, but I hate puffy stuff around my neck. I have a big chest and it just seems like a ton of…STUFF. I love how scarves look on other people but I just feel odd wearing them. I feel best in a V-neck or sweetheart neckline, with a pendant centered in there.

  13. Monica

    I only wear open/v-necks, but I started wearing scarves this past spring because I gained some weight and all those necklines were suddenly very revealing and I needed something to cover up the cleavage! Now I’m scarf obsessed and my outfits just don’t seem complete without one. For me it’s not about exposed or unexposed neck, I just like having bright colors near my face and a scarf is the easiest way to do that.

  14. naomi

    I wear scarves as temperature regulators. It’s so easy to put one on when I’m cold and then take it off when I feel hot. Of course, mine aren’t draped as beautifully as Sal’s, what with all the on and off action! They can also function as clothing protectors when eating (for those of us with that anatomy that catches food on the way to our mouths), or wadded up as pillows, or a head protector if it starts to rain. Obviously, some of these uses aren’t suitable for priceless silk scarves, so sometimes I wear TWO scarves – the lovely little bit of silk to decorate, and then a big cotton scarf on top that functions as a jacket.

    Now, shawls – you can really get some multi-function mileage out of those! Blanket, baby carrier, impromptu tablecloth, superhero cape …

  15. Anna

    Sally, what a lovely and becoming outfit!
    As for me: Wide-open necks, no.
    Moderately open necks, only in hot weather.
    Tightly enclosed necks, absolutely not (possibly connected to my birth, when, I’m told, the cord was wrapped twice around my neck).
    Moderately enclosed necks, yes, whenever possible. I like loose turtlenecks, and I have a large collection of scarves. I was bitten by the scarf bug in Paris many years ago, seeing how the women there wore them so effortlessly.

  16. The Goodwill Fangirl

    I’ve been living with my youngest on a freezing cold bone marrow transplant unit for months. Scarves are my most essential accessory, for my self-esteem and layering on and off as needed. I’m in love with your Desigual scarf – brilliant!