Dressed for: Cool Jewels

Already Pretty outfit featuring turquoise cardigan, purple tank purple Theory skirt, teal tights, CC Corso Como Del pumps, leopard print belt

Cardigan – J.Crew Factory
Tank – Old Navy (no longer available) – similar (purple)
Skirt – Theory via eBaysimilar styles
Tights – Express (no longer available in this color) – similar
Pumps – Del courtesy CC Corso Como
Belt – thrifted – similar
Bracelet – J.Crew via eBay –  similar items
Earrings – BGBJewelry

Jewel tones are so marvelous. There’s a shade in that range for just about everyone, they exude elegance, and you can mix them together endlessly into rich, vibrant outfits. These blues and purples are on the cool side of the jewels, which makes them work beautifully with gunmetal gray accents. And a little leopard for good measure. (Wore this before we dropped down into negative double-digit windchills. Brrrr.)


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18 Responses to “Dressed for: Cool Jewels”

  1. Sisty

    Red may be your favorite color, but you look absolutely stunning in these shades of blue!

  2. Mimi

    You look great. How on earth are you standing outside in MN these last few days??

    • Sally

      Thanks! The photos only take a few minutes to do, but as I said above, this is from before the deep freeze set in.

  3. Gisele

    The leopard belt is genius (a Gracie “Add Interest” belt, I believe!). I never would have thought to add that into a jewel-tone mix, but it takes it somewhere brilliant.

  4. sarah

    these colours are GORGEOUS together; brings out the pretty pink tones in skin and the red in your hair =) pretty pretty pretty!

  5. Penelope

    Funnily enough, just before I saw this I was picking out an outfit for tomorrow and trying to put together a similar mix. I couldn’t quite make it work out, for all the variety of jewel tone blues/greens I own. Saving this one for future inspiration. 🙂

  6. Hayley

    Love this look. Sometimes I try to wear different shades of the same color together but it never looks as harmonious as this combination is on you. You just effortlessly pull it off, Sal!

  7. Anna

    Blues and greens! My favorite combo (next to reds/purples/roses). Woohoo!

  8. vanda

    Hello!! Today at the Office I am wearing a blue dress and scarf, and a belt with Leopard print!i could wear easily EVERYTHING in this look, this is my style too! you look fantastic my dear!

  9. Not quite anonymous

    I love this outfit. I’m all about the blues and jewel tones. I might try an “inspired by” version tomorrow if I can do it without freezing to death.