Dressed for: Cozy Comfort

Already Pretty outfit featuring Sundance Catalog Copenhagen Cardigan, Lee Jeans, John Fluevog Warwick bootie

Cardigan – Sundance Catalog Copenhagen Cardigan
Tee – Gap
Jeans – Lee Nina Bootcut courtesy Lee
Boots – John Fluevog Lancaster via eBay
Necklace – self-made – similar
Earrings – gift – similar

Still cruising through the pre-snow outfits … though this one would be just as appropriate for today’s weather as it was for last week’s! I absolutely adore these bright ankle boots and they’ve survived many a shoe purge despite being difficult to style. Now that I’ve got bootcut jeans back in rotation, though, they’ve found their match.

Do you have pairs of shoes that only work with certain skirts or pants? Or are you a stickler for versatile footwear?

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14 Responses to “Dressed for: Cozy Comfort”

  1. Megan Mae

    I adore those boots! I wanted a pair so bad, but unfortunately, I don’t think even the smallest size would fit my feet. Those snub-shaped toes and blue color make my heart swoon. I have certain shoes that only work with socks/no socks. My orange cydwoq flats only work with socks on, I’ve got other flats that aren’t comfy with anything but bare feet.

    I’ve tried to be conscious of buying shoes that do work with both skirts and pants. I hate not having the versatility to wear my shoes with either. I just don’t have the storage space.

  2. Veronica

    I’m both. Most shoes I buy now have to have a multipurpose use. I recently got a pair of black patent leather flats with a big silver buckle on the toe, those have been worn several times. I also got, on black Friday, a pair of burgundy patent leather flats with a silver buckle on the toe that have been worn several times as well. 🙂 I love patent leather. lol I recently went through a shoe purge but held onto a pair of soft pink sandal heels. Rarely worn since I got them several years ago but hard to let go of.:sigh:

    BTW I love your outfit.

  3. Anna

    Pretty boots, and in my well-loved color range, too. May we see a photo of the entire boot?

    • Anna

      Oops, sorry — the link shows the whole boot. (Reminder to self: think before hitting “send.”)

  4. Amber of Butane Anvil

    Oh, the colour of those boots!!!

    I’m always expanding my styling abilities and so am loathe to let things go: I do have more than several pairs of shoes which only work a couple of ways – so far!

  5. Tracey Jennings

    I love the sweater coat and you look so cozy, ready to take on the cold weather…Having a pair or two of less versatile shoes is a good thing in my opinion as it makes me feel a little impractical and spoiled….

  6. Maggie May

    Hi Sal,
    What a lovely combo! Cozy and bright! I was looking at the reviews and am wondering if yours is labelled 100% lambswool. The description doesn’t exactly say and a reviewer noted they used to be 100% lambswool but her new one is only 80% (and 20% nylon). Would love to know about yours…..
    Thank you!

  7. bubu

    Thank you! I have shoes very much that color and have really been struggling to style, despite loving them. Good ideas here!

  8. Julie

    i have those boots! i love them and wore them tons last winter, and this winter I have barely worn them, i think the colour of the skinny jeans is holding me back and the length of a pair of boyfriend jeans just doesn’t work, but then i remembered that i wore them with grey wool leg warmers last winter and they worked great with many skirts and dresses that way. They are very comfortable and i feel strong wearing them, quite a change from all the heels i wear.

  9. Yelena

    Ooh, I’ve been drooling over those boots for *ages*. Maybe someday I’ll actually buy them.

  10. Jamie

    Just wanted to say hi and I love love love your shoes!!! If you feel like purging let me know–we might be the same size:) Hope you are doing well.
    Jamie B