Dressed for: Dark and Bright

Already Pretty outfit featuring neon floral cardigan, navy Land's End sheath dress, orchid suede Franco Sarto Cicero pumps, skinny belt

Cardigan – LOFT (no longer available) – more floral cardigans
Dress – Land’s End
Belt – thrifted – similar
Pumps – Franco Sarto Cicero
Earrings – Midtown Global Marketsimilar
Bracelets – Goldy + Mac – similar

I figured this bright cardigan would need to be shelved for fall, but on closer inspection saw that one of the colors in that wild print was navy. Navy dress to the rescue! Add some matchy accents and brushed silver jewelry, and call it dark enough for the season. Or pretty darned close.

How are you making your summery items work for fall?


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8 Responses to “Dressed for: Dark and Bright”

  1. Michelle...

    I would wear an outfit like this everyday if I could! So elegant

  2. hollyml

    Who says you can’t wear bright colors in the fall? 🙂
    Yes, yes, I’m sure it’s easier for those, like me, who live in temperate climates where the weather is not significantly different from summer to fall. (In fact, in my area, early fall is typically warmer than midsummer.) But still, I wear colors that flatter me, regardless of the season. When the weather cools my sweaters get thicker, I break out the tights and boots, but I’m as likely to wear that vivid yellow in December as I am in July.

    • Jasmine

      Yeah – bright colors are ESPECIALLY nice when it starts getting colder.

  3. Linda L

    Oh my gosh, Sally – I wore that same cardigan yesterday over a purple silk dress with navy shoes. Too funny.

  4. No fear of fashion

    What a lovely cardigan. Beautifully styled with the dress, belt and shoes. Another hit.
    I have fall clothes and winter clothes haha. Terrible but true.

  5. mo

    I’m in the bright colors all year round camp, too. I won’t break out the sunny yellow cotton dress in January, but I’ll rock the vivid orange wool-blend cardigan in a second! I specifically look for warm clothes in vivid colors because I’m not a fan of cold, wet weather. My raincoat is pink and my umbrella is bright red. There’s still plenty of black and grey in my fall/winter wardrobe, but I try to add brighter pieces as often as possible. Thrift stores are great for that.

    • Ignorant Awareness

      I’ll take that a step further & even wear a cotton yellow dress in January too- oh the joys of layering, haha!

      If you layer well enough, take care in colour co-ordination, & generally pick good quality items, then it doesn’t matter if that yellow dress isn’t in a ‘winter’ material- you could even rock it in snow =P

      It might just be because my body generally runs warm, or because I like to dress modestly (read: fully covered) all year round, but I’ve never understood people who only wear certain clothes in certain seasons- it’s one giant wardrobe for me, all year round =D

      (And before anyone says anything, I live in ever-changing England- we get snowy winters, rainy springs & (occasionally) hot summers too!)