Dressed for: Dark, Dark, Bright

Already Pretty outfit featuring black polka dot dress, Desigual scarf, purple tights, ECCO Sculptured 65 boots, Rebecca Minkoff Logan crossbody handbag

Dress – Tiana B via Ideelisimilar cut
Scarf – Desigual (no longer available) – similar
Tights – no idea which probably means Targetsimilar
Boots – ECCO Sculptured 65
Bag – Rebecca Minkoff Logan Crossbody via eBay
Earrings – Target (no longer available) – similar

I know I’ve said it before, but I guess I’m just a broken record: Scarves are SUCH great bridging pieces. I wouldn’t have put black and purple together on my own, since I tend to do black with other neutrals and purple with other jewel tones. But I loved this dark mix with a pop of brightness from the red and white and pink swirls in the scarf.

(Scarf is tied European Loop style. If you’d like a tutorial, here’s an ancient one showing baby Sally in 2008. Euro loop is #3.)


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10 Responses to “Dressed for: Dark, Dark, Bright”

  1. Anne

    I feel you’re destined for a trip to an ice skating rink soon. I love me a nice soft colorful scarf during this season too, in fact, my neck feels naked with out one. Truly an adorable outfit.

  2. Laurel H

    How sweet! I usually plan an outfit and then try to find a scarf that works, but it makes so much sense to do it the other way around. I, too, love Desigual scarves. They really do make one happy.

  3. Krysta

    You look great!

    I happen to love black with various jewel tones. To me they seem like a natural pairing!

  4. walkercreative

    I love this outfit! Even though the dress is black, I love the texture of the dots . . . very visually interesting with the scarf. Nice styling . . . yes, I am copying this idea with my new Desigual scarf and red tights. Highest form of flattery you know! Thank you!

  5. Jd

    Perhapse you should consider a smaller scarf, or maybe a higher neck line. These big scarves you have worn lately create a pyramid effect from the top of your head to your shoulders. It throws off your proportions and makes your shoulders look very broad. It’s not flattering on you, or on most people.

  6. Sarah

    Please tell me you are joking about not knowing purple and black go together!! Black goes with everything, it’s a neutral…

    • Amy Army

      I think you read it wrong… “since I tend to do black with other neutrals and purple with other jewel tones. ”

      This doesn’t mean she didn’t think black went with purple, just that she does her blacks differently

  7. Eleanorjane

    Cute look! I wear black and purple together a lot as I have several black jumpers/tops and a lovely purple wool mini skirt.

  8. Julie

    Thank you very much for including the link to your scarf tying tutorials. I’ve been stumped on how to wear some of my rectangular scarves in my–you know, the ones that are so skimpy they could practically pass for a neck tie? After watching your little films, I will be able to incorporate them into my wardrobe! Awesome. And to think, I nearly got rid of them!! Thanks again :).