Dressed for: Dark Florals

Already Pretty outfit featuring olive green cashmere sweater, olive green pleated skirt, floral scarf, Foley + Corinna Mid-city Tote, burgundy boots

Sweater – thrifted – similar
Scarf – stole it from my mom – similar
Skirt – thrifted – similar – budget options on eBay
Tights – Express (no longer available in this color) – similar
Boots – Sam Edelman Seraphina
Bag – Mid City Tote courtesy Foley + Corinna
Earrings – Lulidesigns

I’d been on the hunt for the perfect olive skirt for ages when this one turned up, and I’m just thrilled. Even more so that I can pair it with a brighter olive sweater and my mom’s dark floral scarf for a bit of matchy magic.

Do you wear florals in winter, or save them for spring and summer?


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15 Responses to “Dressed for: Dark Florals”

  1. Chelsy

    It’s been wet in Houston and we recently got a slight cold front! (won’t last for long) But this outfit is perfect. I love the floral scarf, and the fact you stole it from your mom. The gorgeous blue tote ties in nicely

  2. jm

    Love the scarf! I want to wear pops of floral all year round. I wonder how it would look if you wore a softer rose lipstick or gloss, to tie in with the darker tones of the outfit?

    (ps: those earrings! love them)

  3. Cate

    Love the avocado and teal blue together. And I laughed when I saw that you stole the scarf from your mom. My daughter and I “steal” scarves from each other all the time!

  4. Renee

    Wonderful color combination–subtle with just enough unexpected color in the choice of scarf and bag to add interest. Casually elegant and sophisticated!

  5. Nina

    Love your outfit. And love it on you.
    Not so crazy with the Pin it! function that shades your photos when my cursor lands on them. Ugg, how annoying! Brings to mind the ‘strip’ ads that appear on the bottom of the tv screen. Always thought Pin it! site was visually tasteful but this attention seeking technique has me running in the other direction.

  6. Linda L

    Oh yes – I wear florals all year round. I’m wearing a floral scarf today myself!

  7. Nicola

    Thanks for this one – I just got a new olive skirt and this post was my for my outfit today! Will look forward to seeing you style the olive skirt in more ways.

  8. Karen

    Hi — I love your blog and notice you carry this bag quite often (and have it in a few different colors). I am so obsessed with it that I just searched the blog to see if you’ve ever discussed it. Looks like you had a shopping feature with other foldover purse choices. I was excited to find a knockoff at a discount store recently, but one of the main zippers broke within a week and it was also so incredibly deep that I could never find anything in it easily. I was a wreck, digging around in a panic every single time I needed something. Into the trash it went! (it was only $10!!!)

    I don’t change bags from day to day. I have a hard enough time not misplacing things as it is! So I really need ONE workhorse bag that I can use in almost all situations, for months until it wears out and I need another. It can’t be too big — or too small. It needs a certain number of pockets and dedicated places for my phone and keys, so I always know where they are and don’t have that panicky feeling whenever I need to reach for my wallet or Rx sunglasses.

    I also noticed that you ran a handbag poll that was one of the more popular on this site. It showed that women are extremely attached to what type of bag they wear (or don’t wear) and how our bags support us in life. I wonder if you might blog sometime about this particular bag or what features you find you need in your perfect bag, since I’m assuming this is one of your favorite styles. Maybe some day soon I will splurge and buy one of my own! Thanks for listening and thanks again for a great blog.