Dressed for: Distress

Already Pretty outfit featuring distressed leather jacket, skinny jeans, layered necklaces, platform ankle boots

Leather jacket – Etsy – more distressed/secondhand jackets
Tee – Threads 4 Thought Veronica V-neck
Jeans – H&M (no longer available) – similarsustainable
Ankle Boots – Parnu courtesy ECCO (no longer available) – similar/sustainable
Necklaces – various – similar look/sustainable

I hunted on eBay and Etsy for months before finding this jacket, which just might be the most perfect distressed moto I’ve ever seen. It looks almost exactly like this Golden Goose one that’s going for $475 used, and even after having the sleeves tailored I paid less than 1/4 of that for mine. I can barely conceal my glee.

The jacket is oversized and boxy, which means it goes against my typical figure-flattery priorities. But like many people, I feel that looking as tall and slim and balanced as possible at all times is entirely unnecessary. This jacket is a power piece for me and I love it. (Further evidence below.)


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Already Pretty outfit featuring distressed leather jacket, skinny jeans, turtleneck, Olukai ankle boots

Leather jacket – Etsy – more distressed/secondhand jackets
Turtleneck – thrifted – similarsustainable
Jeans – H&M (no longer available) – similarsustainable
Ankle boots – Kamahoi courtesy Olukai (they’re sustainable!)
Bag – Frye Nikki via eBay

I’ve worn the jacket twice in recent weeks and, until I assembled this post, didn’t realize I’d reached for the same jeans both times! The jacket poses challenges in terms of volume and cut so I’ve kept the other layers fitted and simple. Here, I threw in this pair of Olukai ankle boots that the brand sent to me. The brand made my master list of sustainable brands recently, and I’m thrilled to report that although they run a bit narrow, the boots are comfortable and beautifully made!


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3 Responses to “Dressed for: Distress”

  1. Ruth Slavid

    I bought a jacket rather like that a little over 30 years ago, except that it had a faux sheepskin lining and was rather less distressed. I had won an award which brought a little money with it and I spent it on the (rather inexpensive) jacket. I put on weight and passed it to a friend. She subsequently married and her husband took it over. He kept wearing it, and paying for repairs (he is very thrifty). The last time I saw them (last weekend) Cathy had taken it back, to Kenneth’s disgruntlement. I have lost weight and am wondering if it is time for me to ask to borrow it back!

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