Dressed for: Dotty Knees

Already Pretty outfit featuring burgundy cardigan. gray ponte knit dress, brown belt, brown slouch boots, Marc by Marc Jacobs Hillier Hobo, polka dot tights

Cardigan – thrifted – similar
Dress – Target
Belt – Banana Republic (no longer available) – similar
Tights – Anthropologie (no longer available) – similarsimilar scale
Boots, Jessica Simpson Angie – a few pairs on eBay
Bag – Marc by Marc Jacobs Hillier Hobo via eBay
Earrings – a gift (had ’em since high school!) – similar

I owned a pair of floral-printed tights for a year. They were bought in the same post-Christmas Anthropologie sale run as these dotty ones, but my goodness I just felt goofy wearing them. Somehow floral legs on me looked deeply wrong. These gray tights with their tiny dots, on the other hand, are still a favorite. And even though they’re just peeking out at the knees, they do a bang-up job of tying this outfit together.

Do you wear printed tights? Patterned tights? Any styles or prints you avoid?


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20 Responses to “Dressed for: Dotty Knees”

  1. Lizzi

    I know this is going to sound strange, but in a dream I had last week I was wearing a LBD with black tights printed randomly with little white diamonds, and now I wish I had them. I don’t actually own any patterned tights, I’ve only just branched out from neutrals to colors, but I really want the dream tights!

  2. daisy

    Sal, I am so excited about your Target dress! I missed it early when you posted the burgundy version (just found it now) and was thrilled when I saw it on sale for $20! I usually try to buy natural fibers, but sometimes it’s nice to get something new without spending a lot. I’d love to hear from you (if you haven’t posted about this already) how you decide on quality and value when you’re shopping someplace like Target.

    • Anonymous

      I agree! And the outfit comes across as unexpectedly elegant. I love it!!

  3. Jenn

    Coincidentally, I just finished putting together an outfit for tomorrow with a pencil skirt the color of your cardigan, a tank top the color of your dress, and a light gray blazer. I was second guessing the color combo, but ultimately decided to just go with it. Thank you so much for posting this outfit and completely assuaging my fears! (Also, I really want those tight now… I’ll be wearing black leggings with black boots tomorrow)

  4. Mary Kovar

    I have only worn colored tights and textured tights. Love ’em. I’d like a pair with dots, and adore sheer black hose with dots (but haven’t acquired any in a rare show of fiscal responsibility). Can’t imagine I’d wear floral tighs! But…. never say nevah, right?

  5. Lyddiegal

    I love the combination of the two purple shades!
    and while I was really in love with the crazy tights for a spell, I now think they are best used in moderation. I am experimenting with patterns in sheer black tights, like the swiss dot, and now I’ve got some leopard ones.

  6. Carolyn

    I love tights; and the bolder they are, the happier I am. The only patterned tights I’ve not liked were a plaid, and the only reason I didn’t like them was that the construction of the plaid knit made them much less stretchy than was comfortable. I’m afraid that I embarrass one of my daughters with my tights, leggings, and knee socks. 😀

  7. respect the shoes

    I have the same pair of tights as you in black – they look like tiny polka dots and I think they’re fun. But that’s about as printed as I’ve ever gone in tights – I think because I’m short, I’m scare of anything that may make me appear even shorter and for some reason, a bold printed tight scares me!

  8. coffeeaddict

    Dots, stripes, floral designs, goofy animal prints, lace patterns, bold colours, you name it, I’ve got it and wear it. Since my wardrobe consists of mostly solid coloured items and winter boots are either black, grey or brown I’ve found tights can really transform an outfit. Buying tights is my equivalent of a lipstick splurge: some women buy new make up or jewellery, since I don’t wear much make up and make my own jewellery I’ve found tights to be the perfect budget friendly accessory to stock up on.

  9. Molly

    I love floral tights! Typically, I layer them over another pair of solid colored tights. I get lots of compliments on my fun legwear. I just make sure that the tights are the loudest part of my outfit, if I’m going to wear a loud or colorful pattern. I keep things simple elsewhere. Maybe black shoes and skirt, with a cardigan in a coordinating color.

  10. Mandy

    I like colored tights and especially striped tights as an easy way to add interest to an otherwise kind of boring black on black outfit. I avoid patterns that make it look like I have an exotic leg disease…

  11. Faye

    1. My go-to patterned tights are all geometric.
    2. The hemline in this photo is very flattering on you.

  12. Brynn

    I love your outfit! Very sophisticated silhouette with interesting colors and the spunky tights – perfect!

    I actually have a few pairs of patterned tights that I love to wear with solid-colored dresses. I have a black pair with pink and red roses scattered on them, and I love them because the flowers are spaced out nicely – they’re primarily black.