Dressed for: Dry Feet

Already Pretty outfit featuring striped Breton top, mustard yellow full skirt, Diesel Go-go boots, bib necklace

Striped top, thrifted – similar
Skirt, Anthropologie Field Skirt (no longer available) – similar
Boots, Diesel Go-go (no longer available) – similar – more Diesel boots
Necklace, Sylca Designs via Fab.com
Bracelets, gifts and Bibelot Shop
Earrings, gift – similar

People, hardly a thing in the world ooks me out like wet feet and toes squished into moist sandal soles. And walking around in the rain in open-toed footwear is a recipe for wet feet and toes. I certainly have plenty of pumps and flats, but when it’s rainy out I generally want total foot coverage. Boots. Boots to keep my feet as dry as humanly possible.

Anyone else fear the wet toes crammed into summer shoes? Eeaarrrgh, I get the fantods just thinking about squishing my way across a wet lawn!

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27 Responses to “Dressed for: Dry Feet”

  1. AnnR

    Nope. If it’s wet I want sandals, preferably ones that a drenching won’t destroy. My feet might be wet while it’s raining but once I’m out or it stops they dry off right away.

    Sweaty boots in the summer give me the fantoids.

    • KL

      Agreed! If the temperatures make it possible, I prefer to wear rubber flip-flops in the rain. I’ve taken them off once and run down a paved walkway in a downpour, then slipped the flip-flops back on at the door. At least I know that my feet will dry quickly!

      I actually really like the feeling of dewy wet lawns between my toes in sandals, although not if the lawn is freshly trimmed and the grass sticks to my feet permanently.

  2. Kristina

    Ha ha. It’s sweaty, hot feet in hot boots in summer that gives me the willies. Give me a wet lawn any day!

  3. Marsha Calhoun

    You are correct about the wet feet issue; it is also a hazard when watering thirsty summer plants while wearing snadals. In addition, I love to see the word “fantods”! Also, you look beautifully put together.

  4. Marsha Calhoun

    Um, sandals. My excuse is that my browser is being squirrelly today. Sorry.

  5. Kenzie

    Welcome to my life. It’s almost June and I’m still wearing my boots more regularly than any other shoes, thank you Portland.

  6. StyleMammal

    I TOTALLY AGREE! I just hate the feeling of wet grass or dirt caught in my sandal-ed feet. And so, I got summer boots (Ariat Roper boots) and Toms, and now I am happy.

  7. Gemma

    Sal you’re hilarious and weird. That is one heck of a fabulous outfit!

  8. Laura

    Absolutely. I check the weather on my phone every morning before I get out of bed, & build my outfit around waterproof boots if there’s any chance of a shower.

  9. Megan Mae

    That exact reason is why I own so many boots when I live somewhere with a primarily hot climate. Because it’s also rainy a bunch too. I hate squishy toes!

    I love that sweet yellow skirt! It’s so cute.

  10. Erika A

    Oh man, I’m the opposite! If I could wear open toed shoes in all weather, I would! The wet feet in sandals does not perturb me. Sweaty hot sticky clammy swollen feet in closed-toe shoes in the summer…THAT gives me the willies!

  11. Anne

    Wet lawns were made for bare feet. I do love the boot/skirt combo on rainy days. Only thing worse than soggy feet are droopy, saggy wet pant hems. Around here we just say the “all overs.” Thanks for the new word though.

  12. Eden

    I totally agree!!! I really dislike any sort of sensation on my feet, especially wet/squishy/etc (with the exception of cool water in the summer). Most of the time I wear sneakers or clunky rain boots, but your blog inspired me to buy some fashionable (and comfortable) boots a couple months ago. I absolutely LOVE them, especially when paired with a “long and lean” outfit, and have have actually gotten compliments on them! Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

    P.S. “fantods” is an adorable word that I totally didn’t know existed until this post! 😉

  13. poet

    Lovely outfit! The necklace is awesome. For me it depends on the degrees of freedom my toes have: Flip-flops or bare feet + wet lawn are fine, sandals and wet feet are bad. I think it’s because that determines how fast they will dry!

  14. sigourney

    Yep. Wet feet in leather sandals. Bad for feet, bad for sandals.

    This outfit is hugely inspirational. I’m going to steal everything about it!

  15. Ruth Slavid

    I have always felt that in warm wet weather sandals are the best, because feet dry so much faster than shoes (for the same reason I am much less bothered by wet hair than wet clothes. And I will only use an umbrella in extreme cases because I hate having to carry a wet umbrella about with me). But I have been caught out in really wet weather, when you realise that sandals rely on a certain degree of friction between foot and leather. If they are really soaked, then your feet start sliding all over the place.

  16. craftosaurus

    For me, the most shudder-inducing of all is wet socks. Running through an unavoidable puddle, then feeling the moisture seep in through the sides of my sneakers? Yeaarrrgh.

  17. Anna

    Opposite Day! I specifically wear a short-ish skirt and my designated Crappy FlipFlops if it is raining, because there is nothing that drives me more insane than wet shoes/socks/pant legs. I would rather have cold wet feet that will dry off once I get inside than have to sit around being soggy, watching as capillary action draws the dampness further and further up my pant leg. Uuck.

  18. Dee

    Okay I had to look up the word “fantod” – that is a new one for me, but I love learning new words. For those of you, like me, that had never heard that word it means the same as “the willies”. I tend to say that things give me the “heebie geebies” – I really dont know how that is spelled or where it came from but thats how we describe that feeling in my family. Anyway I digress…I don’t like hot feet so I would wear a sandal or breathable sneakers. I am with the others regarding wet socks –hate hate that! And I hate when my foot slips around on wet soles…

  19. Natalie

    I have the opposite reaction – I *hate* wet feet inside wet shoes. So waterproof boots are wonderful, but when it’s raining in the summer I usually go straight for sandals (like Tevas and Chacos) that are water-friendly and dry quickly, so my feet don’t stay wet for long.

  20. WendyB

    I’m another one who prefers sandals, because I don’t like the feel of wet leather on my feet after I get inside!

  21. FutureLint

    I love this color combo and your necklace is so cool! I’m all about sandals, even when it’s rainy!