Dressed for: Earthy Plaid

Already Pretty outfit featuring burgundy sweater, plaid cropped pants, Clarks Misson Alpha booties, agate earrings

Sweater – thrifted – similar
Plaid pants – CAbisimilar
Booties – Clarks Mission Alfapairs on eBay
Earrings – Glass Garden Beads
Bracelet – courtesy Gawdy Bobbles

Husband Mike is a big fan of plaid pants for me. I’ve never asked him why, or if I have I can’t remember his reply. But in any case, I’m a plaid fan myself and since I loved the slightly slouchy, cropped fit on this CAbi pair, I nabbed ’em without hesitation. Their cuffed state and cropped length make them perfect for pairing with booties and heels, though I’m wondering if they’ll transition well into freezing temps and snow.

How would you style these pants for winter? Not sure they’ll tuck into tall boots, but perhaps a fitted boot will tuck under the pant leg …


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14 Responses to “Dressed for: Earthy Plaid”

  1. shebolt

    Those pants rock! I’m having such a hard time with the new pant shapes. I had a wardrobe of wider leg trousers that fit me perfectly, and they went and changed the styles on me. Finding cropped and narrow leg pants that are appropriate for the office has been a huge chore.

  2. Eleanorjane

    LOVE that luscious burgandy colour on you! (and on me, I’m all over that colour these days). Nice autumnal outfit…

  3. Morgann

    The plaid pants look great on you! I ordered them as well as I LOVE the idea of plaid pants. Unfortunately, my “athletic” thighs and the plaid don’t mesh…

    Re how to wear them later…Keep the shape and length of the cropped leg and continue on w/ the bootie. I’d suggest a nice wool sock the coordinates w/ your bootie. or tights?!


  4. Aging fashionista

    I love that look and the colors. You look good in the tomboy look as a change from your usual more feminine style. I just bought glen plaid pants too, and they are great, altho I couldnt find the straighter ankle length shape which I wanted. Altho I think a flair/boot is a more business look and better for my short height. since I have business meetings less often these days (self employed, working part time and out of home) I am being picky about my new work clothes.

    Would love to hear peoples thoughts on how to transition your pants/boots look into our so cold MN winters, esp for business, I have puzzled about this a lot.

  5. Audi

    That lip color looks wonderful on you Sal; it really picks up the subtle highlights in your hair. For winter, I’d try wearing the pants over a fitted tall boot, and maybe rolling them up a bit higher so that more of the boot shows and you don’t get snow on your cuffs.

  6. CL

    Could you tell me the brand and shade of lipstick you’re wearing? I love it. It’s an all around great look.

  7. Laurel H

    Another fab outfit. The burgundy looks great with brown. Another super styling idea for brown.

    As for winter, since I live in Ottawa, I simply do not wear cropped pants in the winter at all. My ankles get too cold, even with three pairs of socks (at least one of which is wool) and knee-high winter boots. So I tend to only have summer-like cropped pants. Afraid I can’t make any suggestions in that regard.

  8. melanie

    Sal — I’ve never been able to warm to cropped pant styles, at least for me. You look so fantastic in those that I may have to reconsider next spring and give the style a try. (I’m completely wimpy about the cold, though, and so not brave enough to try wearing them through a Manitoba winter!) If you do manage to style them for winter, could you please post that outfit? Thanks.

    PS — I also wanted to say that I love your blog.

  9. Meg

    This looks so great. You always look great but I’m loving your outfits lately. Must be something gelling with my current style-mood.

  10. Tiffany

    Why roll them up? I think they’re nice with the sweater but would look better with other shoes.

  11. Cassie

    Love these pants on you and how you styled them with the boots. I think a mid-calf boot slid under the pants would work well for winter. Does the cuff roll down at all? You could also try just rolling them down once to cover the bare skin.