Dressed for: Eating My Words

Already Pretty outfit featuring cashmere argyle sweater, Gap Sexy Boyfriend Jeans, black Corso Como Del, Blue Nile infinity knot necklace

Cashmere sweater – thifted – similar
Jeans – Gap Sexy Boyfriend
Pumps – Del courtesy Corso Como
Bracelets – Bibelot and SageKandCo
Necklace – courtesy Blue Nile
Earrings – Urban Outfitters (no longer available) – similar

I can’t remember the last time I trotted out WendyB’s Never Is the Next New Thing™ mantra, but it wasn’t all that long ago. So my personal lesson here is just to quit with the nevers already. Like many people, I recoiled the first hundred times I saw boyfriend jeans, especially the distressed, hole-filled kind. But they grew on me. And grew and grew. And as someone who loves to play with juxtapositions, I realized they were a marvelous piece for dressy/distressed pairings. But every pair I tried looked a mess on me.

Then I chatted with Alison, who is marvelously curvy and rocks the hell out of hers. She wore a pair to the Foxcroft Style Stars shoot and as we were chatting, she told me two things: Buy Gap Sexy Boyfriend, and get ’em a size up. Tip one worked, tip two did not – my regular size 10 jeans worked best. And I’m still experimenting with them, but excited to have landed on a style that I like.

You newsletter subscribers have seen them already, but this is their first blog appearance. And they’ll be back!

Have you tried any trends that you swore you’d never wear? Any current trends that you love on others, but can’t quite work into your own looks?


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36 Responses to “Dressed for: Eating My Words”

  1. Gracey the Giant

    Boyfriend jeans were a no-go for me for a long time too until I found some that work for me (they’re Lucky). Skinny jeans were also something it took me ages to try but I wear them all the time now!

  2. AlsoTracy

    How do these jeans run compared to the other Gap jeans? I wear a 6R in the Long and Leans, but an 8R in the Always Skinny. I have some “Gap Bucks” (reward points) burning a hole in my pocket! 🙂

    • Allison

      I think it depends on your body type – on me it was actually the opposite of what Sally mentioned the advice that she received said. I typically wear 8R but got a 6R in this style and it fits perfectly. I think it may depend on exactly how you want the boyfriend jeans to fit you.

  3. Roxane

    I bought a pair of hunter/forest green jeans at Goodwill last night, and I broke a whole bunch of my “nevers”.

    1) They’re NYDJ, which means they’re 2) high waisted (I swore I was done with those when I retired my last pair of Lee jeans in the mid 1990s) 3) have a pocket style and placement firmly identified with “mom jeans” 4) if not skinny jeans then tapered.

    But, they were $6.50, fit my thighs and waist (even without a belt – which is a complete miracle) and they’re GREEN, so I can play with that color trend before it’s over.

  4. Jen

    I’ve done it so many times this year. I said never to peplum, straight legs, sneaker wedges etc and those items are all in my closet now.

    I think it just takes a little time to adjust to the visual of a new look and finding the right piece that works for you.

  5. Anne

    Hi Sally, trust me you will be reaching for those boyfriend jeans all the time pretty soon. I reach for mine almost everyday during pumpkin pie season which runs from now until Costco stops making them. If you get sick of the Gap’s, I have had good luck with the Loft’s boyfriend jeans; they’re a bit more streamlined.

    You will be happy to know that I finally partook in the print pants trend. This fall I bought a pair of skinny camo jeans. They cover about 3 nevers: skinny jeans, print bottoms, and camo print. Oddly enough when my boys were younger I would never let them wear camo print pants or shorts. I thought they looked white trashy. Guess I’m a white trash mom now.

  6. Kristina

    Yup, boyfriend jeans here, too. I don’t have much of a rear end, and I worried that it would disappear altogether in boyfriends, but not so! The holey styles are also growing on me, though I’ll have to eat crow if I get a pair — I’ve told my teenaged daughters that I think it’s silly to buy new clothes with holes already in them. They’ll call me on it, for sure.

    Love that sweater! That red is gorgeous.

  7. Melinda

    They look great on you! I can only hope I would have half the luck if I try them; I am tempted now!!

  8. Olivia

    Well, ten (?) years since skinny jeans became popular and I’m at least considering trying a pair on. I’m on board with boyfriend* jeans, though. I have a pair of loose, slouchy jeans that are pretty much them, but I need to figure out how to cuff them right.

    *I hate the name, though.

  9. shebolt

    Not too long ago I swore I’d never wear skinny jeans. And now that’s all I own in denim. I am looking for a good boyfriend cut, so I’ll check out the Gap ones.

    I have so many “nevers” that weren’t really, it’s probably easiest to list what “nevers” I still have left: leggings, Disney Princess Pink, status bags. Yup, that’s it.

  10. Becca

    Ah, the nevers… Skinny jeans, leggins, the colour purple… So many things I SWORE would never, ever wind up on my body, and now… Well.

    Ha, I even said “never” about my boyfriend. I thought we would only ever be best friends – never lovers – and now? Happily ever after (and am I ever glad I didn’t listen to myself)!

  11. Audi

    I’m wearing my new slipper flats today, which I “never” thought I’d warm up to!

  12. Justine

    I bought a pair of boyfriend jeans years ago, but wasn’t sure about them. And then when my husband indicated pretty clearly (massive understatement!) that they were not his favourite clothing item in the world, they went into my wardrobe never to see the light of day again. Now I am not exactly sure where they are, but presume and hope they’re still in there, as Sally you’ve inspired me to give them another go. If they’re there, I will. If not (I give lots of clothes away) then I won’t be buying another pair. Or so I say now anyway!
    Sally you look great and I love the look especially the red argyle jumper on you. You look beautiful in red.
    I thought I would never buy a pair of plastic Melissa shoes. Now after seeing cool vintage wearing bloggers wearing them, I bought a pair just today on line in a warehouse sale. They’re navy blue flocked “Patchuli” wedge heels with an ankle strap. I used to think they looked trashy but now I think they look great with vintage dresses and suits. I figured navy might not feel too loud to wear. Hope I’m right and that I enjoy them. Wish me luck : )

  13. Kathy

    I just can’t get past the conviction that distressed jeans, already torn and with holes, are disrespectful to people who are legitimately poor. When I’m out, and observing fashion (or the lack thereof), I often wonder what choices people have in their closets? And when they got up that morning, was that really the best that they could do with what they had to work with?

    • Christa

      I agree with you. I want to try a bf jean but do not think I can do a distressed. My mom grew up poor and always reminds me that her family at least “mended” their rips and tears in clothes that had worn through. Also as a woman over 40 I think it is a younger look.

  14. Lisa

    The closest I come to “boyfriend” jeans is cuffing a pair of faded straight-leg jeans from Banana Republic. These ones look great on you! I’ll have to check them out.

  15. Martina

    Heh. I’m super-slow to get over my “nevers”. I remember saying “never” to leggings when they first came back in… how many years ago? I only started wearing them this year, and one of the two pairs I own is cropped, which is apparently not the most common style nowadays (but I wear them anyway).

    Boyfriend jeans are still a big “no” for me. I JUST got used to the idea of showing off my legs in those freakin’ skinny jeans, and now you’re asking me to hide them again? Come on! 😀 (Not that I have anything against skinny jeans per se, but as soon as they became popular all the other styles virtually disappeared from stores.)

    I think trends bring out my rebellious side. Well, that, and in my small Italian town trends tend to swallow up all the other styles when they come into fashion, which is extremely annoying and makes me want to buck the trend at all costs.

    • Erika

      Agreed. In order to do the casual / dressy juxtoposition, boyfriend jeans need strappy sandals or pointy, edgy pumps (like with studs or something). Regular old pumps don’t hit the mark.

      Personally, I like boyfriend jeans with tee shirts and booties. I like to do casual all the way. I’ll wear skinnier distressed jeans with pointy pumps or strappy sandals, but the boyfriends get cuffed with a pair of suede booties and a slouchy tee.

  16. Spacegeek33

    Skinny jeans were my “nevers”… I wear straight leg instead and they look “skinny” on me. More or less. LOL

    But I’m posting because I’m loving you in that red lip color! You found a great one for your complexion! Nice.

    The rest of my post is to make my comment relevant. Hee hee

  17. Alison

    You got them! I like them on you… and since I saw you I went and got another pair that’s distressed. I found each style of the Sexy Boyfriends fit differently, the newer pair I got in my actual size and NOT petite. And I actually bought them thanks to Angie at YouLookFab who wrote about them and how to size them!

  18. Becky

    That outfit looks great on you! Part of what catches my attention is that it’s different from your usual style, because, jeans. But the shoes, colorful sweater, and shiny jewelry keep it in “Sal” territory. I learn so much from your blog, thank you!

  19. jamie

    I studied abroad as a college student in Sydney, Australia in 2005, and all the college girls were wearing tight, sometimes brightly colored skinny jeans and leggings.
    I recently saw I wrote a status update back then on facebook saying “you should see what the girls are wearing here! tight ankle-hugging pants! I’ll never wear those!”
    5 years later, I bought my first pair of skinny jeans, and leggings, and love them. Ha 🙂

  20. LaChina

    I used to hate ankle booties especially with skirts/dresses. But now I like them. I also was not a fan of the knee high boot with a stacked heel, but now I want a pair.

    You look great in your BF jeans. I have 2 that I love, one from Kohls and the other from NYDJ.

  21. Jessica

    Boyfriend Jean were exactly what I was afraid of and swore that I just wouldn’t wear. But I did get a pair at the thrift store – in the men’s section! – that are a pair of Levi’s. I am still wishy washy but I haven’t worn them with heels yet so maybe that would help me feel more confident. I have to fight the urge to pull them up all the time though!

  22. Diana

    Hooray for the Sexy Boyfriend! I have two pairs, plus one that I hacked into shorts, and I agree they are fantastic. They seem to work on many body types. I found that the sizing varies a ton depending on the wash and fabric. Both of my pairs are a size 10, but the 100% cotton one feels about a size smaller and does not stretch out the way the softer, 98%cotton/2%spandex ones do.

    There’s loads of BF jean inspiration over on Youlookfab, by the way (and in the YLF forum).

  23. Secret Squirrel

    You look lovely, Sal! My nevers are – skinny jeans, a quilted jacket and harem pants! I wear them all now and haven’t looked back xx

  24. Chris

    Skinny jeans. It’s not that I don’t like the look. I just don’t like them on me. I have long, rather slender legs and wide hips. Skinny jeans on me make me look like an ice cream cone or a lolly pop. I need a bit of width, at least bootcut, in pants to balance the width of my hips.

  25. Chris

    Oh, and anything pink. It was forced on me so much when I was a kid and I doubt if I will ever get over that. Pink clothes and ruffles are to me, the epitome of uber femininity dressing. I know, I know. Some women look fabulous in pink and/or ruffles. But on me, it’s back to the hippopotamus toe dancer syndrome again. I’m far from being uber feminine. I look better in boyfriend jeans are argyle as Sally so aptly demonstrated.

  26. Heidi // Frantic But Fabulous

    Boyfriend jeans are slowly growing on me, too. I’m not sure if I’m on board with the distressed version yet (too many memories of the ’90s!). I think I might give them a try by thrifting actual men’s denim first.

    I also felt the same way about skinny jeans at first and now they’re my favorite style. Wendy’s got it right!

  27. Larissa

    Thank you Sal and Alison! I haven’t had a pair of jeans I actually LOVED in a long time, got a pair of boyfriends this morning, in a smaller size mind you, and they fit and feel great! Thanks for inspiring me to give them a try!

  28. FarmFashionista

    “Bought” a pair of Gap Sexy Boyfriend Jeans yesterday with my reward points (they were on sale too). I never would have considered them until this blog post.

    I think they run big. (I bought a 6R. I wear a 6R in Gap Long & Lean jeans, which also run big, and an 8R in Gap Always Skinny jeans.) I have an X body shape but not much derriere. So maybe that will help somebody else who is familiar with Gap Jeans sizing.

    They are low-rise which keeps them from looking like “mom jeans” plus they are made to be rolled up. I think they need a pair of heels and other somewhat dressy clothes and accessories, to make it clear that they are supposed to have holes. 🙂 I used to wear men’s Levi’s in college, when I was less curvy. The Gap Boyfriend Jeans do *not* fit like real men’s jeans IMO.