Dressed for: Extended Summer

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Already Pretty outfit featuring navy blue Land's End dress, cognac wrap sandals, blue goldstone necklace

Dress – Land’s End
Sandals – Lucky Brand (no longer available) – similar
Necklace – courtesy Max & Chloe (no longer available) – similar features
Earrings – Port Season
Bracelets – Bibelot (no longer available) – similar look

Summer came late, and it is staying late! Everyone may be daydreaming of cozy sweaters and boots, but we had another oppressively hot one today and it’s gonna stay warm for a while, I’m told. I’ve got loads of layers that I’m eager to wear, but they’ll have to wait. For now, sleek, simple dresses and fun jewelry are the order of the day. (I’m following my own advice about transitional seasons by wearing a dark color in a summery shape, though!)

Are you dealing with a weather/season mismatch where you live? How are you dressing around this challenge?


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19 Responses to “Dressed for: Extended Summer”

  1. Anne

    It’s over 100 here on Nocal. I’m wearing a lot of neutrals and trying not to let this whole transitional thing be a “thang.”

  2. Katie

    That dress looks so cute on you! I ordered the same one from Land’s End a couple weeks ago but it didn’t fit. I’m a pear shape and an off the rack shift never works for me.

    Seeing it on you is making me wish I brought it to the tailor instead of just returning it!

  3. Kristen

    September always heats up here in NorCal, so I don’t consider it a mismatch. Autumn’s not really here till October! I’m just spending time day-dreaming about fall clothes while wearing my summer ones.

  4. LIz

    This is such a chic look. The darker colors and sleek lines of both the clothing and accessories make me feel about 10 degrees cooler, too–nice because it’s humid and warm today in northern Virginia!

  5. Tragic Sandwich

    I live in L.A., so a weather/season mismatch could happen at any time. If we aren’t experiencing one at the moment, it’s just around the corner!

  6. Andrea

    It was nearly 100 degrees today where I live, so I took the opportunity to flout the old ‘no white after Labor Day’ “rule” with white jeans, a tan crochet top, and some tan Born sandals. And I loved it. 🙂

  7. Monica H

    Today was a strange day here in Phoenix. There was this strange wet stuff? It fell from the sky? Rain, I think it may be called. I took the opportunity to wear tights and a wool sweater. It was still in the 90s outside, but my office is in the 60s, which counts as winter for Phoenix. 🙂

    Love the blue!

  8. Sara

    Lovely elegant look, but I like anything blue… In Israel, where I live, summer is long, hot and humid therefor I tend to buy dresses of thin and airy materials preferably cotton.
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    Thanks, Sara

  9. Shaye

    September is always still summer (and June is always still spring) here in the PNW. It is as nice as it gosh-darned should be!

  10. Cynthia

    This happens in North Carolina every year — i.e. the stores are selling fall and the media is talking about fall, but it’s still hot. The weirdest thing is that the days get short, which psychologically signals fall, and it’s still linen dress and sandals weather for a good few months. After 8 years I guess I’m used to it though. Today it’s going to be 88, so I think I will wear something sleeveless. And sandals.

  11. Linda L

    September in Denver is still pretty warm, at least the first couple of weeks. I’ve been pulling out my mid weight skirts, wearing them with short sleeved or sleeveless blouses and layering with cardis or blazers for the indoor a/c. Then at least I can remove the top layer and have bare arms and legs for the walk to the train or for running lunchtime errands. I’m using more muted colors and neutrals rather than my usual summer explosion of bright tropical colors. Closed toe shoes or just a bit of a peep toe instead of strappy sandals.

  12. Dee

    Here in Chicago its going to be near 100 again today! I am wearing (black) linen crop pants and a linen short -sleeved blouse, but I was sorely tempted to wear white! I washed all my whilte jeans, shorts and jean skirt, thinking I would put them away till next year. But if we have any more hot, muggy temps near 100 I will say to heck with that “no white after labor day rule”! Thank goodness for AC but walking to and from the commuter train is not fun on a day like this. PS. Love the dress, Sally, I don’t have any LE dresses but they sure are cute and are good prices!

  13. Wendy

    I’m in Minneapolis too-and I wore the exact same dress yesterday! I love the pockets.

  14. Stacy

    I like just about every outfit you post, but I absolutely adore this one. I want to go home and change into a navy outfit with cognac shoes right now.

  15. Ann

    Love this dress, your accessories make this outfit a real hit! Great fit and design, so lovely.

    blue hue wonderland