Dressed for: Fancy Weekending

QUICK NOTE: I will be appearing on the Fox 9 Morning Show at 9:30 a.m. every Wednesday this month in a new segment called Trendy or Timeless! Tune in this week for the first installment.

Already Pretty outfit featuring Desigual scarf, white tee, polka dot jeans, green ECCO pumps, skull bracelets

Scarf – Desigual (this is the one!)
Tee – Gap (no longer available) – similar (and another fave style of mine)
Polka-dot jeans – gift from my mom – similar
Pumps – Omora courtesy ECCO
Bracelets – gift from lovely reader Allison! – similar
Earrings – Patinasimilar
Sunglasses – The Mexican Shop – similar – budget

Although I’ve certainly thrown on a tee and pair of shorts to make a Dairy Queen run, most of my weekend wear looks more like this. I sometimes wonder if the other movie theater patrons and coffee shop customers wonder what I’m all about, but I don’t care much. I love my colors and heels and prints too much to dress down just because it’s a Saturday.

I was thrilled to find that this bold scarf complemented this fabulous bracelet set that reader and client Allison gave me AGES ago! Skulls + Desigual = Happy Sal.


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11 Responses to “Dressed for: Fancy Weekending”

  1. Laurel H

    That scarf absolutely makes the outfit. And I have a similar Desigual scarf so guess what I’m going to try? I’m with you on the looking-polished-even-on-the-weekend front. I always try to look put-together when I leave the house. I live in a very urban environment and am constantly running in to neighbours, friends, and shopkeepers when doing errands. I even ran into a client once and was really glad I looked polished!

  2. Victoria

    Congratulations for being on the fox morning show. I am looking forward to see the show. Love your style. It’s very wearable and chic.

  3. Shyla

    Ha! If the movie theater patrons are wondering anything, it’s why you are wearing ten pounds of scarf in 80+ degree weather.

  4. sue

    I think a busier, colorful scarf like that (which I think is very cute) looks MUCH better with a casual jeans and tshirt outfit (like what you’re wearing) than when it is paired with more complicated outfits. I think it’s best to let it be the star, against casual stuff, vs. trying to add it to an outfit that has alot going on. I think you’re simplest outfits are by far the best!

  5. Brigitte

    What is it about green shoes that I can’t resist?! Some women seem to have it with red shoes, but I never met a green shoe I didn’t like. I was out shopping with my husband the other day and he whistles at me from the men’s department holding a pair of emerald green brogues, with cobalt soles and laces, smiling. I smiled even more when he bought them and actually wore them to work! YEAH green shoes!!!

  6. AsianCajuns Lar

    Looking lovely as always, Sal! Throw on a jacket (okay, mayyybe a heavy jacket) and you’ll be perfectly prepared for Edinburgh! Yahoo!!

    xx, Lar

  7. Dee

    Cute outfit – I love the scarf too, but it would get in my way –probably drag in my buttered popcorn : ) and be too hot for me, too. I also sort of dress up even on the weekends to run errands, go to the movies, whatever. I like to feel polished, I might be wearing shorts but they are nice shorts, colorful top, makeup, jewelry… and sandals. I think its partly because I do live in a pretty upscale town and also because I just feel better when I feel put together.

  8. Anamarie

    Love this outfit! I also tend to “dress up” on the weekends. I don’t feel like myself in yoga pants, or even shorts most of the time. I have also wondered if other people are wondering WTF about my weekend not-so-casual style, but I doubt they are really paying attention. I dress for myself first, husband second, and everyone else – not at all!