Dressed for: Fellowship

Already Pretty outfit featuring burgundy blazer, red dress, burgundy tights, burgundy boots, vintage silk scarf, Foley + Corinna Mid-City Tote,  stretch bracelets

Blazer – thrifted – similar
Dress – via Ideeli – similar
Tights – don’t remember – similar
Boots – Sam Edelman Seraphina (no longer available) – similar
Scarf – courtesy Rice and Beans Vintage – similar
Earrings – Patinasimilar
Bracelets – Goldy + Mac similar
Bag – Mid-City Tote courtesy Foley + Corinna

After much planning, organizing, and fundraising, we launched the Leaders of Today and Tomorrow program year a few weeks ago, and I wore this to welcome our mentors and fellows to our very first workshop. I love wearing red to our workshops because it’s such a bold and powerful color, and decided to do a bright red and burgundy mix to keep it classic. The workshop was a great success, and we’re already gearing up for our next one!

Do you have a power color? Do you reserve it for special occasions, or wear it frequently?


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9 Responses to “Dressed for: Fellowship”

  1. Laurel H

    Yet another fab outfit. I wouldn’t have thought of pairing a primary colour (red) with a jewel tone (teal). I don’t have a power colour but I do get a lift from purple.

    And congrats on the site redesign! As stylish as you are.

  2. TexasAggieMom

    Love the new layout on your website – very organized and easy to navigate!
    This post is good food for thought, as I have been experimenting with red lately. Not sure I would call it a “power” color, but it definitely attracts notice when I wear it,possibly because I don’t wear a lot of color. I had planned to wear red every day the week of Valentine’s and was planning to see if people reacted any differently to the same color in various styles (structured jacket, soft flowy dress, etc.) Unfortunately our weather didn’t cooperate, and I had to skip a few red days in the interest of staying warm enough. I think my “power” outfits have more to do with style than color; typically for me that would be a structured suit in a conservative cut and dark color with a flattering blouse.

  3. Anna

    Power color? Red. Oh yeah. I am rather plain-looking, but I’ve noticed that when I wear red the guys head on over. Cliche, I know, but it seems to work. And guys or no guys, I just feel more capable in red.

  4. Elin

    The redesign of your site looks great! I look TERRIBLE in red, since I have yellow undertones in my skin that are brought out by most reds, oranges and yellows. But, I love a strong green or vibrant purple when I need some power. but, like Texas Aggie Mom, it’s more about the fit and pulling together the whole ensemble than the color for me.

  5. Connie

    Following your blog has inspired me to use color more fearlessly. I love the way you put together things I would never think of and they look great. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Margot907

    Green. Always green. Forrest and emerald are my power colors. If I’m feeling rundown or nervous and I need to look my best, I know dark, bold green and some red or coral lipstick will carry me through. I feel more confident and present better. There is a lot of green in my wardrobe, so I don’t save it, but if I wear the same bold piece too often people in the office comment.

    I never used to wear purple, but I’m starting to wear deep and warm purple when I need to look by best, too. My first love will always be deep green though.

  7. Anamarie

    My power color is cobalt blue! I love wearing cobalt with black and white.

  8. Angela

    I love this outfit. The burgundy! The red! Purple is one of my power colours. Does leopard count as a colour? That is my ultimate power “colour”.

  9. Kerstin

    Cobalt blue and bright aqua for me!!! Strawberry blondes unite!
    Love the new site. :