Dressed for: First Bare Legs

Already Pretty outfit featuring purple cardigan, magenta tank, magenta belt, teal pleated skirt, CC Corso Como Del pumps, Marc by Marc Jacobs Turnlock bag

Cardigan -thrifted – similar (purple caravan)
Tank – Old Navy – (no longer available) – similar (berry)
Belt – thrifted – similar
Skirt – Florence Adams
Pumps – Del courtesy CC Corso Como
Bracelet – J.Crew via eBay –  similar items
Necklace – via Hautelooksimilar
Earrings – thrifted – similar
Bag – Marc by Marc Jacobs via eBay – more turnlock bags

It’s a classic Minnesota spring, friends. One day it’s balmy enough for bare legs, the next SNOW. We are due for several inches tomorrow, and I could just about spit tacks. But instead let’s daydream of the sunshine and 50-degree temps of last week. For they shall soon return. Or else, ya know, tack-spitting.

Anyone else dealing with a spring that refuses to settle in? Are you doing bare legs yet?


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20 Responses to “Dressed for: First Bare Legs”

  1. D

    Denver just got some snow too. I’m there with you, as far as tack-spitting goes. I was able to go without tights last week, I’m hoping that weather comes back soon!

  2. Lizzi

    I went bare-legged one day last week, and had to throw on tights and switch out my shoes when the temps suddenly dropped in the late afternoon. Our MI weather is nearly as temperamental as yours–after all, it’s basically the same weather, just a day or two later!

  3. Laurel H

    Ottawa is expecting snow on Friday, so I’m with you, Sal. Spitting tacks here, too! I can only dream of bare legs. I’d settle for a bare head and hands (i.e., no hat or gloves). Outfit looks great, though!

  4. Aging fashionista

    I am with ya on the tacks Sal. Btw what do yall wear when its a little warm for tights but too early for bate legs (which I think it is now)? Pantyhose? Or neva again?

    • Sally

      Ah! Usually sheer patterned tights – they’re lighter than opaques, but still offer some warmth and coverage in the transitional seasons.

  5. T.

    I find spring the most difficult season to dress for. It’s still so bleeping cold, but heavy wool sweaters just don’t look right any more. I hate freezing in the lighter weight clothing I find myself turning to now. Definitely no bare legs here yet.

    You dress for spring so beautifully!

  6. AnnR

    No, I won’t go bare-legged until after Memorial Day. The prospect has me vowing to work on my feet until then so they look nice when the time comes. I like the way sheer stockings look, they hide any number of imperfections. Marshall’s had some good buys on Nude colors so I’m stocked up.

  7. Patricia

    I’m in Chicago and I think I decided it was bare-legs time last Friday or Saturday? I’m in the middle of a fashion experiment in not wearing pants for the school year, so this was mostly fueled by the fact that all my tights are shredded (except the navy ones, for some reason… I own maybe two navy-based outfits, thanks a lot tights). It’s been nice enough.

    • Patricia

      Haha just kidding… tried to go bare-legged today in 40 degrees and raining and it was NOT fun. I really don’t want to go back or switch to pants, though… hmm.

  8. Deanna C

    Spitting tacks in Saskatchewan too! We got up to 14F today- it’s been 7 months since I have been able to go bare legs so I am envious of you!

  9. Krystelle Curay

    That is such a dainty and refreshing look. You look amazing from head to toe. The cardigan matches beautifully with your pink shirt and that skirt has a very unique design. That is the perfect style for spring. The tattoo on your leg blends well with your outfit too. You pixie-like do and necklace are also hard to miss for they complete your overall fabulous look! Such a lovely lady you are.

  10. Sarah

    Our spring has been tempermental too, but I have been able to go bare legged for about a week now. I live in Georgia so we don’t get snow (much). Would maxi dresses with cardigans (if sleeveless) work for some of you that lived further north to help keep the legs warm?

  11. Elise

    After freezing a few days before I brought out the bare legs yesterday. It was warm enough to almost be hot! The popular theory is that on the west coast we have skipped spring and it is now summer. The leaves aren’t on the trees, but…

  12. Linda L

    Another Denverite here – I think I went bare legged one day in March (actually wore shorts) and we’ve had two big snowstorms since. Just heard on the radio that more snow is possible next week. Grrrrrr. Even though we’ve had some warmer days, I leave for work at 6 am and it just doesn’t warm up enough that early in the day to go bare legged if you have any kind of outdoor commuting to do.

  13. BamaCarol

    Ah, yes it is finally bare legs weather and here to stay till November or later. I even push wearing sandals that late in the year too since we can easily have 70s that late in the year. We don’t seem to have winter here anymore but when it has been cool it has also been wet which made it seem much colder. Good luck with the bare legs weather coming back to stay.

  14. sarah

    we did have a nice warm week about 10 days ago, when you could *almost* wear shorts here in Seattle (crazy!). I think we’re all having trouble putting up with the return of cooler temps and drenching rain this week. alas!

  15. erica

    Loyal reader and lurker here. Couldn’t help but noticing your gorgeous pink (fuchsia? magenta?) nail polish! LOVE IT!!

  16. prettypink

    I lovelove love this look- I ordered the skirt immediately in a medium size! I am wondering though, Sally, if at 5 feet nothing, this will be a good skirt for me?

    It is 26 long so I think it will fall at mid calf for me. But I so love this look, I couldn’t resist having this skirt! Absolutely lovely 🙂

    • Sally

      It might be a bit long, prettypink, but it should be easy to get it hemmed! (Or hem yourself if you’ve got those skills.) The skirt is unlined and should keep it’s fun shape even made a bit shorter. Hope it works out for you, my dear!