Dressed for: Fresh Flowers

Already Pretty outfit featuring red cardigan, floral print midi skirt, cognac wedges, navy blue handbag, tagua nut necklace

Cardigan – thrifted – similar
Tank – Benneton (no longer available) – similar
Belt – from a pair of shorts – similar
Skirt – courtesy Mode-sty
Shoes – Royan courtesy ECCO
Necklace – Veronica Riley Martens
Earrings – Bibelot – similar
Bag – eBay

I’ve written about locally owned and run website Mode-sty on the blog here and for the Star Tribune, and am always happy to promote what Zahra is doing. So I was tickled when she offered to send me an item from her spring offerings. This lively floral midi skirt is right up my alley, and allowed me to wear red, white, and blue together without feeling overly flag-like. Also loved working in this necklace from Veronica Riley Martens, whose work I’ve admired for years and years. (Proof here.) Finally nabbed my own piece, albeit a small one, and had fun working it into this mix.

Anyone out there a midi skirt fan? Love the look on others but can’t make it work for yourself? I feel like I’m coming around to this length after an age of struggling with it, mostly due to watching Amber work her collection to great effect.


Already Pretty outfit featuring red cardigan, floral print midi skirt, cognac wedges, navy blue handbag, tagua nut necklace

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11 Responses to “Dressed for: Fresh Flowers”

  1. GR

    This outfit is cute! I sew all my own dresses and skirts and love the way my legs look in a midi length skirt. Any shorter (knee cap and above) and I don’t like how thick my legs look, any longer (mid calf) and it’s too vintage for me, but at that length it hits the sexy curve between the two extremes and I feel it really shows off my calf muscles. I’ve always liked my calf muscles and am liking them even more now that every day I walk approx. 45-60 mins with my dog, plus 40 mins getting to/from public transport!

    Weirdly enough my everyday shorts are around mid-thigh and I don’t feel like they make my legs look chunky! It’s just that if a skirt shows off knee cap (well, that inner bulge beside the knee cap) or a few inches above then I really dislike it on me. Aren’t we humans funny beings 😉

  2. Kristine

    Just a quick question (which you’ve probably answered before): Do you use double stick tape to keep your cardigans perfectly placed on your body? They are always perfect looking and not hanging off in weird directions or being blown open by the breeze. Just wondering because I like to wear cardigans but haven’t ever looked as pulled together as you are when I wear them. Thanks!

    • Sally McGraw

      Hi Kristine, I used to use fashion tape occasionally, but don’t much anymore. Mostly it’s just a combination of fibers – I wear lots of cotton and blends that are more rough than slippery, so they stick to each other naturally – and my body shape. The breeze sometimes has its way with me, but I don’t typically use windblown images for outfits! Though you can see this same cardigan in a different outfit here, also untaped, but flowing more: https://alreadypretty.com/greatest-hits

  3. KathleenND

    As a tall lady, I love the midi trend because midi = regular length on me!

  4. Yolie

    From a distance, it looks like the skirt has a clown fish pattern– like the fish are swimming in an anemone. I would love a clown fish skirt, omg.

    Anyway, this is a fun outfit– the color combo with the subtle blue undertones is really neat!

  5. Emmy

    I love midi skirts because they seem to balance out my freakishly long torso. Midi-length dresses with a slightly raised waist look even better. I also like the look of midis with a bit of hi-lo hem as I think it keeps them looking fresh and modern.

  6. LinB

    Beautiful skirt on a beautiful lady, but I’d call that length “knee length” rather than “midi.” Isn’t a midi skirt one that hits right at the most swollen part of one’s calf, or just above one’s ankle? I know that definition of midi is not a flattering length on me, my ownself. I’d rather wear the length you have on (with stockings on shaven legs in the winter and bared, shaven legs in the summer) or a length that sweeps the floor, so that I don’t have to blindly attack my legs with a razor in the shower.

  7. KLee

    Hi Sally – I love what you do on this blog of yours. Being a long time follower but first time commenter, I have decided to bite the bullet and ask you about your personal wardrobe and how you keep it all organized. Since discovering French fashion blogger Margot from youmakefashion.fr and her reduced wardrobe of approximately 50 pieces (not including accessories like shoes, belts, and scarves and the like), I was wondering if you had a similar system of substituting one item for another as a means of “controlling” the size of your wardrobe. I know this isn’t precisely the goal of your writing, but I would love it if you could do a post regarding this issue.

    On the topic of this post, I do quite like your outfit – it’s very seasonally and work appropriate. I am myself a fan of knee length skirts, but because I am quite petite, I find that it is a length that doesn’t always suit me.

    • Sally McGraw

      Thanks, KLee! I’ve had a similar question from another reader and have a post about wardrobe organization coming up in a bit. I don’t do the “one in, one out” rule myself but know that it works for many people!

  8. Emma - thiskindchoice.com

    You look lovely Sally! I was wondering – do you follow seasonal colour palettes or other colour “rules” at all? The colours you wear seem to really suit you. I would like to, but then I’m like, “Oooh purple! Orange!” and all rules go out the window 😛

    • Sally McGraw

      Thank you, Emma! Nope, I’ve gotta say that while I totally appreciate the palettes and know they work beautifully for some women, I wear the colors that make me feel happy. I have a few that I know will make me look like a flu victim – dusty rose, mustard, certain shades of olive green – and avoid those, but the rest are fair game.