Dressed for: Gifted Dots

Already Pretty outfit featuring black merino sweater, polka dot jeans, polka dot scarf, Steve Madden Banddit boots

Black sweater – thrifted – similar
Scarf – hand-me-down – similar
Polka dot jeans – gift – similar
Boots – Steve Madden Banddit via Opitz (no longer available) – pairs on eBay
Earrings – Target

I didn’t realize it when I threw this outfit together, but both polka dot pieces have family ties. The scarf was inherited from Husband Mike‘s sweet aunt who passed away several years ago. It’s got a navy background on one side and black on the other, so it’s completely perfect for this mix of blacks and blues. The jeans were my Christmas gift from my parents, and I’ve had such fun wearing them. I thought about both family members with love when I wore the outfit, but my brain just never connected that I’d picked two significant pieces from two different loving sources.

Do you have any pieces in your wardrobe that make you think of friends or family members whenever you wear them?


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13 Responses to “Dressed for: Gifted Dots”

  1. Molly

    Wow, receiving pants as a gift, and having them actually fit, would truly be cause for a celebration!

    I have a wool cloak my mom sewed from wool fabric she bought on her honeymoon. I feel sort of ridiculous wearing it, but I also love it so much that I refuse to let it sit in the back of a closet for another twenty years. I have plenty of hand-me-downs from family members, some of which I wear more than others. I think the key for me to actually wearing these things is that I can’t have distinct memories of someone else wearing them, or I feel like I’m just dressing up like another person and not wearing my own clothes.

  2. laniza

    What a cute look! I actually just ordered some dark colored polka dot jeans so I’ll be copying this look before it warms up!

  3. Kristin

    This outfit is further proof for me that sometimes all you have to do to liven up a basic outfit is add a scarf to it! I’m normally not a polka dot person, but the pants definitely look pretty cool, too.

    I’ve got a few pieces of gifted jewelry that remind me of others (my parents, my husband, my MIL, an ex-boyfriend, my parents) but that’s about it. I usually don’t get gifted with clothes or shoes because I’m kinda picky about style and taste, not to mention the sizing, but that’s okay. After all, that’s what gift cards are for (or cash)!

  4. Marsha Calhoun

    Practically every scarf I have belonged to my mother, my aunt, my godmother, or was a gift from one of them. I wasn’t really a scarf-wearer until I found myself unable to give them away, and therefore resolved to put them to use. A favorite almost-aunt gave my mother a wonderful light-cream polka dot on navy blue scarf that hangs in my closet today – I must wear it again soon! (Last time was on voting day, since it has a very thin red border and I was, for once, pleased with the person for whom I could vote, and wished to express this small surge of patriotism.) Thanks for the reminder.

  5. Latresa

    I have a lot of things that have been given to me by family or friends. I only have one piece of clothing that I borrowed from my older sister before she past away 7yrs ago that I wear no matter what the fashion trend is. Its a black blazer that still smells like her perfume even when I get it cleaned. She loved that blazer and now so do I to me its timeless.

  6. Rocquelle

    I love navy and black together, so this casual look is right up my alley! I love your pairing of dots with dots too!

  7. LaTonya

    Saw your pic at Frantic but Fabulous. Your outfit looks put together, comfortable and lovely.

  8. LaTonya

    Sorry, didn’t answer your question. There are certain styles I wear that remind me of growing up and that connects me to people I loved who have past. I have jewelry that I often swipe from my mother. Growing up I always loved her jewelry and looking through her vintage pieces reminds me how I felt as a child with the pretty mom. Everyone always commented how pretty my mother is.