Dressed for: Going to the Dogs

Already Pretty outfit featuring dachshund printed vintage shirt, white tank, suede shorts, John Fluevog Haight sandals, chunky chain necklace

Shirt, Via’s Vintage – another dog-print shirt – dog-print dress (SO CUTE)
Tank, don’t remember – similar
Suede shorts, Talbots (no longer available)  – more suede shorts
Necklace, Sashsimilar look
Shoes, John Fluevog Haight (no longer available) – a pair on eBay – similar style
Earrings, courtesy Metalicious

It’s been years since I trotted out my beloved dachshund-print shirt, and since the material is a bit thin for cold-weather I figured I’d better wear it before fall truly sets in. I know that vintage polyester gets a bad rep, but I absolutely adore it. Sure, it’s about as breathable as a trash bag, but it washes beautifully and unless you ball it up in a vacuum-sealed bag it’ll never wrinkle.

Even if this shirt had been made from actual trash bag material, I’d probably have bought it anyway. I mean, really. Tiny dachshunds. Standing near tiny trees and fences. Irresistible to the likes of me.

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12 Responses to “Dressed for: Going to the Dogs”

  1. Mia

    Ah, so cute! I’m such a sucker for novelty prints (and so is much of my generation, if ModCloth is anything to go by) but I have so few novelty-print garments of my own. Maybe I just need to keep a sharper eye out…

  2. Eliana

    How are those shoes for walking in, Sally? I’m experimenting with platforms as I’ve never done heels much. These are so cute, but maybe too high for the likes of me.


    • Sal

      Eliana, this particular pair of sandals is remarkably comfortable. Surprisingly so, even, since they feature a wood sole! I wouldn’t wear them if I were going to walk for hours at a time, but I’ve worn them for hour-long walks and felt great.

      • Eliana

        All right, I’m beginning a search for them since the eBay pair is not my size. Thanks for the quick reply.


  3. JB

    My beloved dog Teddy is having surgery tomorrow morning to remove a cancerous lump from his back. He’s not a dachshund (he’s a golden mix) but I’m still taking your dog-print outfit as a very good sign!

      • JB

        Teddy was a trooper! The surgery went well and he’s safe at home now. Thanks so much for thinking of us!

  4. Kate

    I like the playfulness of the shirt with the chain, collar-like necklace 🙂

  5. Megan Mae

    What a cute print! I see stuff I really love on etsy, but always fear the old-style polyester. I can’t even wear much new polyester so I take my kicks with fade-y cotton.

  6. Anna

    Such a cute doggy print shirt — but what do your beloved cats think of it???

    And although I share the prevailing opinion of vintage polyester (and shudder to remember the days when I made many of my garments from that fiber, which tended to slip and slide in the sewing machine), I do admire your choice of a distinctive print/garment to enjoy and share with us.

  7. Leigh

    I love that shirt! It would be cute peeking out under a solid-color sweater, I think, which might let you wear it in cooler weather.