Dressed for: Going

Already Pretty outfit featuring yellow and white striped eShakti dress, J.Crew Beaded Rose necklace, mint green Fossil handbag, cognac Corso Como Del pumps

Dress – courtesy eShakti
Necklace – J.Crew via eBay (still available)
Pumps – Corso Como Del
Bag – thrifted Fossil (WOO!) – similar
Earrings – Patinasimilar

Secretly, I have challenged myself to “go” more and match less. IT IS HARD FOR ME. I am letting my thoughts on this matter congeal a bit more before writing a proper post, but I default to matching because it makes my outfits feel unified and complete. I also find that matching allows me to utilize more color, as “going” often relies on neutral accents and accessories. But I felt like this outfit was a decent compromise – nothing matches, everything goes, and I still got to dress in a riot of color.

Do you prefer to match or “go”?


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22 Responses to “Dressed for: Going”

  1. Susan

    I deeply love matching. I almost always wear a colorful print, and I like my sweater to be one color from the print, my handbag another color from the print, etc. To my eye, outfits that go sometimes . . . don’t go all that much.

  2. Cynthia

    I prefer to “go”, I think. Today: french blue tee, labradorite, ink blue skirt, taupe cardigan, dark brown sandals. It all worked but nothing was the same color.

  3. Kristina

    “Go.” Somehow, “Match” seems too put together for me. I always admire folks who match, since they seem so much more organized and tidy than I can usually manage to be.

    • Andrea

      Exactly. Matching looks nice on other people, but for me it feels like pretending that I’m someone I’m not. I’m not organized and neither are my outfits. Clean and properly fitted? Yes. Tidily matched? Never. This leads to an ongoing joke with my husband, who is a very organized person and who is punctilious about matching his shoes to his belt to his watch. Opposites attract, you know.

  4. Michelle...

    While I’ll do a “go” outfit (case in point, today’s outfit is black dress, royal blue cardigan with black tights and tan long boots), I do prefer to “match”

  5. Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

    I’m on Team “Go” : > (and that sounds strange!) but nothing wrong with matching, either. This dress is just fabulous, I must go check it out at EShakti!

  6. shebolt

    I’ve had my eye on that dress since I first saw it. Now I may have to order it.

    The interesting thing about going v. matching is that matching, to me, seems like trying to hard, yet going is actually harder to pull off. That said, I prefer to go than to match.

  7. Olivia

    Definitely match. I have a hard time with figuring out what “goes” if it doesn’t match.

  8. Sheila

    Ooh, hard to choose! I love a good match, but I do embrace the “go” as well. Today, I was all about the match: emerald culottes and navy blouse with lots of silver!

  9. Shaye

    A mix of each, sometimes within the same outfit. 🙂 For example, I might have done orange shoes, but a mint cardigan. (Note to self: acquire mint cardigan…). Or mint earrings, if it was too hot for a sweater.

    I am weird in that I don’t consider my bag to be a real part of my outfit, though.

    Lovely color combo! It’s hard to pull off orange and yellow together sometimes, and I think the mint was just the right touch to make it work.

  10. Denise

    I struggle with matching, am aware that it’s preferable to “go” these days. I’m in my 50s and over the years have acquired costume jewelry, scarves, bags, etc., that I like (not that I keep everything!) Thus, I almost always can match if I choose to.

    It was fashionable to match when I was growing up and that seems to be my first instinct. When my son or friends comment on it, I know I’ve gone too far with the matching!

  11. bubu

    I agree that going can be harder than matching, but I prefer the overall effect of going — somehow seems a bit more elegant and adult to my eye, while when I match I fear drifting into little girl territory – they so often love to match everything. But I think I end up matching a lot because I have a lot of black, so that ends up anchoring my outfits a lot.

  12. LinB

    Team Go. I have rarely had the income it takes to properly match; most of my life has been run on the principle of “that goes together well enough that you won’t be stared at on the street.” (It is my mother’s credo, which I have internalized.)

    Too, on “Clash Day” at my daughter’s elementary school, she won the prize for wearing clothing that more people’s eyes hurt than any of the other 250 children’s clothing. I was able to dress her for that honor, lol.

  13. Brigitte

    You know how you say you’re the mayor of Matchy-Matchy Town? I would be your deputy mayor for sure! Nothing trills me more than finding two pieces of clothing that are the same colour but from different seasons and different stores! I do appreciate outfits that “go”, but I feel like I need to think about it more.

  14. Eleanorjane

    Wow, I love that outfit! I think that says I’m more drawing to ‘go’ing than ‘matching’. Basically I generally don’t manage to match because I can’t find the right colours to exactly match so I end up in complementary colours. For example I generally can’t find matching navy pieces so I go for tones of blue and green maybe with a neutral like cool grey.

  15. Anneesha

    Hi Sal! Love the eShakti dress; was it their custom-made option? I’ve been dying to try it myself. Any hints?

  16. naomi

    so sweetly polished with such interesting character! so so fun, but minimal. I’m really in love!

    I just don’t feel good when I match, personally. I do admire it on others! but to me it feels a lot like uniform, for some reason.

  17. Penelope

    Matching! I can do going but if there’s NO matching in an outfit, unless it’s all diff shades of 1 color, I am sad. Honestly a lot of currently fashionable going doesn’t look right to me- it doesn’t look like an outfit, just some clothes. (I’m also not a fan of a lot of versions of a ‘pop’ of color- it rarely works for my eyes.)

    That said, last weekend I ended up accidentally going a bit far in matchytown even for me (I might have taken your spot as mayor for the day). I got woken up Sunday by my husband and told to hurry up and dress, we were going to a movie wih friends. (He hates crowds, so we go to matinees.) My favorite color is turquoise so I have a lot of it. I put on a turquoise knit dress and added yellow sandals and belt then grabbed the purse I’d used the day before, which happened to also be turquoise and a brown/turq shawl in case the theater was cold. Pretty matchy, right? (If I’d had time to change purses I would’ve grabbed a stripey one since the dress had no pattern.)

    What I didn’t realize until friends pointed it out was that it was even matchier than that- my phone case is yellow w/turquoise edges and the ice pack I put on my bad knee later was in a yellow case.