Dressed for: Juxtaposition

Already Pretty outfit featuring military jacket, white maxi dress, tan Diesel Go-go boots, spike necklace

Military jacket, thrifted – similar
Maxi dress LA Class via Ideelisimilar
Boots, Diesel Go-go (no longer available) – similar – more Diesel boots
Bracelets, Bibelot – similar look
Earrings and necklace, Infrared Studio

OK, I’ll ‘fess up: This outfit is from several weeks ago. Now, even my next door neighbor’s meticulously cared-for lawn is starting to brown!

I love outfits that mix flowy, soft items with edgy, tough ones. Sometimes it seems tricky to strike just the right balance, but this long, pale, jersey-knit maxi dress works so well with the military jacket and rocker-ish jewelry.

Do you like to create mixed looks? How do you balance your elements?

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7 Responses to “Dressed for: Juxtaposition”

  1. Jessi

    Love this outfit! I have a jacket really similar to that one, and never would’ve thought to wear it with a flowy maxi dress, but it totally works.

  2. Sufiya

    That jacket is absolutely scrumptious! Definitely a SCORE! (I too, scored recently: a brand new young men’s Levi jean jacket for $5. I like the fact that it fits in the SHOULDERS; I have a time finding WOMEN’S jean jackets that fit in the shoulders! )

    I find “juxtaposition” has to be done carefully or it simply looks “contrived”. The first time someone wore combat boots with an evening gown, that was “cool” (I suppose) …. but as soon as EVERYBODY started doing it, it instantly lost the “cool”. Here, I like the heeled “Frye-style” boots you put together with the gown, (not excessively clunky like combat boots, but making just the right amount of contrast with the soft lines of the dress) and the jacket being ‘quasi-military’ strikes a perfect balance; having a ‘genuine’ military jacket I think might have made you merely look like you “dressed in the dark”. I think you could have gone a little crazier with jewelry, (bracelets, especially; you’ve got the sleeves!) but then I’m like that; you may not be!

  3. Viktoria

    I think the key to success when it comes to mixing the unexpected is that you are really comfortable with both elements, both pieces. Or all of them, if more than two. That´s what makes you own it, feeling and being totally comfortable. It should be effortless, and this particular outfit looks very, very you.

  4. LaChina

    Oh- I love this on you!!!! My goal each day is to have a balanced look, a little naughty with my nice, high end and low end, serious and fun, it keeps things interesting. Thanks for posting.