Dressed for: Doing it Anyway

Already Pretty outfit featuring blue printed Karen Kane Dress, navy pumps, navy blue handbag

Dress – courtesy Karen Kane
Shoes – gift – similar
Bracelet – thrifted – similar weight/look
Earrings – courtesy Bionic Unicorn
Bag – eBay – more blue leather bags

Recently, we talked about learning to love what you hate about your body; Cultivating some affection for that one feature you wish would just vanish can shift your overall body image toward the positive. For years, I struggled with my belly, wished it ill, lamented its presence. I still dress to downplay it virtually every day, but its existence doesn’t cause me the constant stress that it once did.

This dress clings. To my tum. This is how my body is shaped. And I’m fully aware that you can see some of my curves that aren’t generally highlighted. Figure flattery priorities are just that: Priorities. Which means some days they may shift. I love this dress because it has a marvelous pattern, an interesting shape, and design features that flatter my waist, neck, and legs. Most days I dress to draw attention away from my midsection. This was not one of those days.


Also on the far left is a photo of me after I realized that we’d already taken dozens of photos but I was missing my earrings. (I’d failed to put them back on after a quick weekend nap.) Plus two additional earring-inclusive photos showing expressions of surprise and shock, by request from HM. Gotta keep the photographer entertained.


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15 Responses to “Dressed for: Doing it Anyway”

  1. Monica H

    I love it all! The dress, the earrings, the goofy faces, and the gorgeous, brave, amazing woman wearing them all. I have similar tummy issues, with my own body, and this post gave me a new perspective on that. We never see pictures like this, because our social body norms are for flat tummies. But when I see this picture and I look at your tummy, it looks so womanly, so sexy, so inviting. So beautiful. Thank you for being vulnerable enough to share all the beautiful facets of yourself with us. It makes a difference. It really does. <3

  2. PolarSamovar

    I think that your figure looks lovely in this dress. Feminine, graceful, sexy, and elegant.

  3. Kantz

    Gorgeous dress! I also wish my midsection was less pudgy and I have found that when I want a more streamlined silhouette I have taken advantage of shapewear. I don’t mean the super duper squeezable ones ala Spanx, but more of a lighter version (purchased at Target/Marshalls/TJMaxxx) where the pudge can be held/redistributed with minimal discomfort. I also like the thigh-chaffing protection I get so double win!

  4. Susan F

    All I see is how fabulous you look in the dress. I was wondering what it is you hate until I read the post. You may hate your tum; who else notices it?

  5. fashionforgiants

    For what it’s worth, I think your tum is lovely. I’m a big fan of tummies myself and adore that you are showing yours off.

  6. Taryl

    Hilariously, my first thought was that this dress was horribly unflattering around your décolletage and shoulders. Your tummy didn’t catch my eye at all, but the lines around your upper body feel awkward to me. Just goes to show how silly we can be about things we notice and nobody else does.

  7. Sarah

    Struck gold with this look. Choosing clothes away from your “mid-section”? What a “waist”! In this ensemble attention comes right up to your lovely face,skin and hair. Then back to the beauty of your already pretty self.

  8. Shawna McComber

    I love your wacky facial expressions photos! That is not something I can pull off. my most hated features are at either end-my neck and my ankles. Neither is slim enough for my critical eye. Your dress is gorgeous and you look gorgeous in it! You look feminine and confident.

  9. Michelle...

    I love this dress.
    And I didn’t even look your stomach area until you mentioned it (my focus was on the awesome pattern) Funny how that happens eh? 🙂

  10. modernsauce

    I saw this outfit on Pinterest before I read the post and the first thing I thought was how cute you looked in it BECAUSE it hugged your curves so well (particularly around your shoulders…). I actually did notice your tummy because I thought about how much people try to hide theirs and I like that you weren’t hiding the fact that your tummy curve is just as okay as the rest of your curves! It’s adorable. Yay tummies! Is VBO becoming a “thing?”

    PS the internet needs way more fashion bloggers to have fun with taking pictures of themselves. Your last pics are stellar. ; )