Dressed for: Keeping it Together

Already Pretty outfit featuring burgundy ponte dress, Coclico boots, bib statement necklace, black bangle

Dress, Mossimo Elbow Sleeve Ponte Dress
Necklace, Sylca Designs via Fab.com
Boots – Coclico via eBaymore Coclico boots
Earrings, The Wellington Boot 
Bangle, Electric Fetus – similar

These photos were taken just after I’d returned home from a 3-hour session with a style consult client and realized that I was coming down with a cold. Despite the tired and the looming sick, I was determined to capture this outfit because I felt the elements came together so nicely. AND it features my newly shortened boots! I’ll do a side-by-side comparison soon, but wanted to show them off in context.

After a day of resting and flooding my system with ginger tea, I believe I’ve staved off the cold. Which is fortunate since this week is my busiest in eons.

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21 Responses to “Dressed for: Keeping it Together”

  1. Gracey at Fashion for Giants

    Aaarrgghh, I am so jealous of that amazing necklace, I can’t even tell you! The yellow! So perfect with this dress, which I looked for and couldn’t find at my local Target. Boo on you, local Target, boo on you.

    Feel better!


  2. Jenny

    Love the boots! I hope You keep the sick away! It’s the season for colds again.

  3. Aziraphale

    Ahhh, MUCH better! Those boots are now the perfect height for you. And the perfect height for a hemline of that length. I really like the colour combination of those boots with that dress.

  4. Samantha

    Sal, may I ask what size you’re wearing in that dress? Totally ordering one, but they don’t seem to have any sizing info available…

    • Sal

      I noticed that, too, Samantha. Unhelpful as heck, Target! Mine is a size medium, and I typically take a size 8 dress. I think the medium would fit a size 10, too.

  5. J Beresford

    Great dress, my fave colour ever. Boots look great too. Hope your cold goes away completely. Isn’t it always the way when you’re busy!

  6. Megan Mae

    Congrats on the revamped boots. Wishing you lots of healing vibes. Don’t forget to add some extra garlic and onions to your diet. I swear by ’em to kill colds.

  7. jentine

    That dress is a perfect fit! And I love the necklace, it’s something different in the sea of statement necklaces…

  8. Melinda

    Great look! You’ve really helped inspire me to put more interesting outfits together. I always look forward to seeing how you take what seems to be pretty simple items and put together something amazing!

  9. Shaye

    Wow, that IS a great dress! I hate when I can’t try things on and see the colors in person, but I may have to order a few of those and see what sticks. It looks fab on you, and I love how you’ve styled it.

  10. Maggie

    I love the dress, would like to buy it but am wondering if the weight of the dress is heavy enough for fall wear/office wear?

  11. Am

    Your styled this outfit is so amazingly well that my head is about to explode! That necklace! The boots look great, too – I am about to get my first pair of boots shortened and feel so much better seeing an example of a successful modification.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  12. Mia

    Wow, this dress went quick! Sold out in all colors except for hot pink, which I may give a try…the burgundy sure looks good on you, Sal.