Dressed for: A Late-Breaking Tights Discovery

Already Pretty outfit featuring gray cowlneck sweater, mustard skirt, charcoal tights, stud bracelet, Timberland Stratham Heights boots, Coach handbag

Sweater – thrifted – similar
Skirt – Anthropologie (no longer available) – similar colorsimilar items
Tights – M.Rena courtesy Shop Adorn
Boots – Timberland Stratham Heights
Belt – Amazon – similar
Bracelet – courtesy The Bibelot Shops
Earrings – self-made – similar
Bag – Coach Duffle – larger version still available

When I think of leggings, I think of cotton blends. There are some synthetics floating around out there – in fact, I think all of the fleece-lined leggings are nylon- or rayon-based – but I prefer cotton for myself. My friends over at Shop Adorn raved about these M.Rena leggings so I jumped at the chance to try a pair … but they’re rayon. And one size, which means they’re a bit sheer on me. AND SO. They shall henceforth be one of my warmest pairs of tights! Thick but not nearly as thick as the fleece-lined kind, and marvelously comfy with a super high rise. I don’t wear leggings as pants and my cotton leggings look a bit odd worn under skirts, but these? These are legging-tights. Teggings. Lights? Whatever. I just wish I’d discovered them during the Deep Freeze months.

Not that I want the Deep Freeze to return! You heard that, right Mama Nature?


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7 Responses to “Dressed for: A Late-Breaking Tights Discovery”

  1. ballewal

    Those are cute. I like the outfit. But oh how I hate OSFA stuff.

    • Tracy L

      Me too. I understand if a vendor can only produce one size, but they need to at least disclose their definition of OSFA!! I have no idea whether I could fit into these leggings.

      • ballewal

        Exactly. One size of something will not fit all women, even within “standard” sizing and ignoring that some women are larger than that.

  2. wonkyone15

    I always wear cotton leggings with my dresses all winter, and it looks great! I always wear knee high boots though, so you only see a little bit of the leggings. It was a real game changer for me, because I hate tights and hose with a passion. I get no twisty uncomfortableness with leggings at all! And they sit on my waist at the right place, rather than having to hike them up to under my bra. The other good thing is that I can wear normal socks with my boots. The idea of putting socks on over the feet of tights makes me start to have claustrophobic panicky thoughts! I love looking put together, yet feeling like I’m wearing PJs to work! Leggings as tights really are the best.

  3. 33

    Wow you look so pull-together in this outfit. Colors match and mix well with each other. I love the true gray color of your tights. Some can be too dark or too light. This shade is just right. Mustard yellow looks so delish on you.

  4. No fear of fashion

    Great outfit! I like the proportions of this oufit and how you pull everything together: tights and top. Belt, boots and bag. Very well done.