Dressed for: Listening

Already Pretty outfit featuring hot pink cap sleeve tee, plaid circle skirt, Steve Madden nude strappy sandals, pearl necklace

Pink tee – Bella Brand
Plaid silk circle skirt, thrifted – more plaid circle skirts
Sandals, Steve Madden (no longer available) – similar
Bracelets, thrifted and gifted
Necklaces, thrifted – similar look

This skirt makes the most wonderful whispery sound when it moves. I reached for it because I adore its lively print and was longing for a shot of color, but I’ll also admit to loving its signature rustle.

Do you have any musical clothes? Corduroy pants? Jingly bangles? Swooshy skirts?

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14 Responses to “Dressed for: Listening”

  1. Megan Mae

    The brightly colored plaid is so gorgeous!

    I have lots of lovely squeaky leather. It creaks and squeaks because a lot of it is new. I’ll be happier when it starts breaking in more, but that’s the thing about leather is that it takes time.

  2. CC

    I love how you take a simple, super lady like outfit add just teensy bit of edge with your chunky platforms and perfect pixie! So adorable. And so perfectly you. 😉

  3. Lauren @ Sassy Molassy

    Love the skirt! Also, I’ve been meaning to tell you that I’ve been downloading and listening to the Strong, Sexy, Stylish podcasts and have really been enjoying them. Great topics and interesting dialogue!

  4. Kate

    Yo!u know, I tend to stay away from clothing that makes noise. It’s one reason (among others) I don’t like to wear heels. I guess I like to be stealthy!

  5. LinB

    Nope. I try to dress for stealth, lol. Does anyone else remember the Great Corduroy Pants Wearing phase of the late 70s-early 80s? That phrrrt-phrrrt-phrrrt as your thighs passed each other with every step?

  6. Kuri

    Pff– can totally relate to Kate’s preference for quiet clothing! Used to be obsessed with ninjas, and it translated to no jangly bits and clothes you could move fast in. I felt so powerful, hee! Though when I was very young, I had a dress with bells sewn all over it. It sounded like fairies when I ran, so I ran a lot.
    Recently, I’ve bought a necklace with multicolour flat discs, which makes a soothing little noise rather like a rainmaker. I’m still getting used to it! (Plus a belt with metal bits like bellydancers wear. Still haven’t quite figured out how to wear it.)

  7. Anna

    I prefer my clothing to be silent, but I I do love the crisp, clean sound of hard soled shoes on pavement.

  8. Catherine

    I have 2. One silver and one gold, old fashioned charm bracelet. Sometimes i wear them both on the same arm!