Dressed for: Long Leather

Already Pretty outfit featuring J.Crew heart sweater, leather midi skirt, burgundy Tsubo Dufay pumps

Sweater – Sweater, J.Crew via eBay – more on eBay
Leather skirt, Grace Vintagesimilar items
Burgundy pumps – Tsubo Dufay
Bangle, Electric Fetussimilar
Earrings – Old Navy (no longer available) – similar

This leather midi has been waiting patiently in my closet since spring. It’s an Etsy purchase from long, long ago and much as I adore it, it has limited application. But I love how it looked with this surprisingly versatile graphic sweater. (I believe it’s intarsia knit – knitters, any input?)

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19 Responses to “Dressed for: Long Leather”

  1. Susan

    I think the length of this skirt is really fabulous on you! I would love to see it with other tops.

  2. Aging fashionista

    Have to say, not a fan of that skirt. Too heavy and long. Sorry…

  3. sarah

    oh, how I LOVE that skirt!! If the Aging Fashionista’s comment makes you think twice about keeping it, send it to me! 😉

  4. Annie

    Hm…I’m still having trouble liking midi skirts. I own one or two via thrifting, and while they are cute, the whole cutting off the leg thing (especially with my stubby legs!) is still concerning for me. I do kind of like them better with heeled boots, so maybe they’ll get more wear this winter.

    But I must admit, the graphic sweater looks super-cute with the leather. 🙂

    • LinB

      Intarsia in knits is like insets in wooden cabinetry — a different color is integrated into the design. In knitwear, a different color of yarn is used for a design element that is joined only around the edges, not across the back of the design element, as in Fair Isle colorwork. A knitter has to be especially careful to twist yarns at both edges of every row when changing colors, or the design element will fall out of the background and both pieces will ravel.

  5. Annie

    I love the sweater, the skirt however doesn’t do you justice. It’s too long unfortunately it visualy cuts exactly where it shouldnt kind of like capris would, so it makes you look short and stumpy. Also it’s too heavy looking. But the sweater is great, so lovely!

  6. Cristina

    Knitter here!
    Is the heart knitted into the fabric? Do you see it from the other side? If so, it’s intarsia. If you can’t, it is likely to be an applique.

  7. Anneesha

    The graphic impact of this outfit is amazing! I personally think that midi length is flattering; boots might have made it bottom-heavy with the neutral/nude color up top.

  8. Margo

    Maybe the skirt would work better if it was shortened and then worn with boots. But the bare legs make an awkward break–tights would be better.

    • Isabel

      I think there is a time for short leather and a time for long. With this sweater I think the skirt looks great. I wouldn’t change a thing,

      • LinB

        In my climate there is almost never a time for leather, except in footwear. Looks great from here. Wouldn’t encase myself in leather for fear of heat stroke.

  9. Viktoria

    I think that skirt is great, very elegant. Like someone else said, there is a time for short, a time for long. Very inspiring, we should all try something different sometimes.

  10. Amber of Butane Anvil

    Aw, people so quick to harsh on my beloved midi! Sally, I must tell you I adore everything about this outfit, which for me has a silhouette reminiscent of Dior New Look, modernised and made casual by the graphic sweater and leather. Your haircut, bangle, and red pumps are just perfect.

    I think it’s that our eyes get accustomed to certain things; I don’t think that shortening this skirt would do anything but take away its wonderful drama and make it samey-same. Too bad Sarah spoke first, put me on the list of “gladly take it off your hands.” 🙂