Dressed for: Lots

Already Pretty outfit featuring black cardigan, Peter Pan collar necklace, red tank, asymmetric houndstooth skirt, red tights, black Coclico boots, Kate Spade Carlisle Street Sylvie Satchel

Cardigan – thrifted – similar
Tank – Bella
Belt – thrifted – similar
Asymmetric houndstooth skirt, Lida Baday via Saks – more houndstooth skirts
Tights – courtesy We Love Colors
Boots – Coclico via eBay – more Coclico boots
Bag – Kate Spade Carlisle Street Sylvie Satchel via eBay
Collar necklace – eBay (still available!)
Bracelet – J.Crew (no longer available) –  similar items
Earrings – HSokol

There’s a lot going on in this outfit, including print mixing, color pops, and lots of accessories. But all of the elements make sense together: The belt makes the skirt and top feel more finished and united, the bracelet and necklace reflect each other, the skirt and bag both include black and white prints … many elements working harmoniously.

Do most of your outfits include many elements and items? Or do you keep it super simple?


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16 Responses to “Dressed for: Lots”

  1. Chris

    I like to keep it simple. I like B & W with red but I couldn’t get away with as much going on as you have. It all looks wonderful on you. I, however, am much too fashion challenged to succeed at such an endeavor.

  2. Tabie

    Love that bib necklace, Sal! I think it depends on the time of year here. I’m more willing to add layers and bulky jewelry in the winter than the summer. In the summer I keep it fairly simple because the south’s sticky heat isn’t fun for anything extra!

  3. Megan Mae

    It may be a lot, but it all works! Love that skirt, Sally. I prefer to keep things simple most of the time, but sometimes I like to go to the max.

  4. Versatile Style by Tracey

    On most days I am definitely more like this with many elements playing harmoniously together… I am definitely a lover of accessories and not a minimalist dresser! Love this outfit and hope that next year winter I grow a little more and attempt these colored tights that you do so well…

  5. Leah B.

    Yeow. This is one of the best looks I’ve seen on you in a WHILE, and that bar’s already pretty high. Here I thought those collar necklaces were silly-looking all this time, and you’ve gone and made me kinda want one. And I LOVE that bag!

  6. Leah B.

    Aaaaand I didn’t answer the question. Sigh. I got distracted! LOL. I keep color palette VERY simple. My wardrobe is limited to neutrals (mostly black and gray with some off-white, beige and brown), purple, and animal prints. I bring color in my makeup and nail polish. That’s not to say there isn’t still a lot going on with my outfits most days. I love to mix as many patterns and textures as I can get away with.

  7. Veronica

    This has got to be one of your best outfits ever. Every element is perfect! I usually go a simpler route, but that collar necklace and gorgeous bag are inspiring me to do more!

  8. Linda L

    I’m usually on team ALGO (a lot going on) – colors, patterns, layers, jewelry. Of course since you’re asking today I happen to be dressed very simply (for me). Boot cut jeans and a charcoal military style jacket, heeled oxfords (in turquoise, couldn’t go color-less) and just a couple pieces of jewelry. But I live in fear of being a boring dresser. Silly – I’m sure nobody cares but me.
    You look so fabulous!

  9. angie

    I usually have simple outfits in the winter and during the hot months of summer and more elaborate ones during spring and autumn.

  10. Cee

    This outfit is wonderful – I love the way that you’ve taken all these different elements and balanced them. It takes a lot of thought, and boldness, I think.

    Just out of curiosity, are you using fashion tape under the cardigan, Sally? I don’t know whether it’s just because it’s a static image, or the quality of the cardigan, but I know my round-necked cardigans certainly never lie like that!

  11. jen

    Sharp. Wow. I couldn’t pull it off, but you rock this outfit!