Dressed for: Mayoral Pride

Already Pretty outfit featuring J.Crew heart sweater, black full skirt, black tights, leopard print handbag, Jil Sander peeptoe pumps

Sweater, J.Crew via eBaymore on eBay
Skirt, Banana Republic (no longer available) – similar
Black tights, Pure Matte 100 courtesy Falke
Pumps, Jil Sander via Fashion Avenuesimilar
Bag, Hype via LastCall

Another pre-snow-melt outfit that I just had to sneak in. After all, this is a matchy masterpiece, if the Mayor of Matchy-matchytown does say so herself.

I lusted after this sweater when I first saw it in the fall, passed, and watched it quickly sell out. Months of eBay stalking recently paid off, and now I’ve got at least 10 possible outfits planned for it.

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13 Responses to “Dressed for: Mayoral Pride”

  1. Becca

    LOVE that sweater! I’m not usually one for hearts on my sleeve (let alone my chest), but there’s something about this one (likely that it isn’t kitchy in the least, it’s a sophisticated sweater) that I lust over.

    • LinB

      Hahaha! That was also my initial response at seeing this photo: Black Heart of Darkness. But since we know that Sal does NOT have a black heart, all is well. And she likes it. And it makes her happy. And she has at least 10 outfits planned around it.

  2. Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

    Gorgeous! I love that sweater, and now I’ve gone and watch-listed it (even though sweater season is over in FL). Love the Hype bag too, they make beautiful ones.

  3. Rocquelle

    I love that sweater!! Lol at Mayor of Matchy-matchytown, lol. Hearts and leopard aren’t too matchy in my book :-).

  4. Marsha Calhoun

    Just delightful. And I, who have a hard time with any sort of animal print, think you assembled this spendidly!

  5. Lurkette

    My God Woman! – you look so cute I could eat you up with Karl Lagerfeld’s personal spoon- and why not Jenna Lyons’ too!