Dressed for: Mint and Berry

Already Pretty outfit featuring Nygard mint blazer, LOFT polka dot dress, Madewell magenta suede pumps, black belt

Blazer – courtesy Nygard (giveaway forthcoming!)
Dress – LOFT (no longer available) – similarbudget
Belt – thrifted – similar
Pumps – Madewell via Shopbop
Earrings – gift – similar

Once again, I am late hopping on a trend train. Mint green has been making the rounds since last year, but I’m only just warming up to it now. Actually, that goes for ALL pastels. In years past, they’ve looked weak and watered-down to me. But seeing this color family paired with brights – like these magenta shoes – increases their appeal.

And you? Are you a fan of mint green? Other pastels? How do you style these pale colors?

Already Pretty outfit featuring Nygard mint blazer, LOFT polka dot dress, Madewell magenta suede pumps, black belt

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16 Responses to “Dressed for: Mint and Berry”

  1. Sarah

    You look absolutely stunning in both of these photos! The look on your face in the top photo is so genuinely happy and serene, and I love that shade of lipstick with your complexion and hair color. The earrings really make the lipstick pop too. I love it!

    As for pastels, I have never been a huge fan but I like the mint blazer paired with the black and white pattern. I might be living in matchy-matchy town but I can’t help thinking I would like the jacket a bit better with this outfit if it was a deeper blue/teal – primarily because it would match your tattoo and that would be taking matchy to the next level! But the mint plays nicely with the black and white, and that irregular dot print is adorable.

  2. D

    Oh man, the pastel trend is cute, but I am really not a fan of wearing pastels myself. Bright colors for me! I do like how you paired the pastels with polka dots, that is super fun.

  3. Michelle

    One of my favourite tops is mint green. I’ve had it for years; my mum picked it up for me while overseas….she did well, it’s super flattering on me which is why, even though it’s a closet orphan (in my sea of brights), I still have it.

    Seeing how you’ve paired it here has given me fresh ideas though. Thank you!

  4. Tina

    Is mint green different from seafoam green? I keep hearing it called that. Just bought a Kate Spade crossbody in mint (on sale) and I love it!

  5. Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

    Well I thought I didn’t like pastels at all, but today I was looking at some mint jeans that were really cool. So we all can change our minds, yeah? You look great in your mint with black-and-white.

  6. Shen Dove

    Love this look. Your mint blazer looks great with those heels. I’m a big fan of mint at the moment also, but not so much on pastels.

  7. Megan Mae

    I’ve warmed up to pastels recently. It’s like a specific subset of pastels where they are off-shades of normal pastels. Either more saturated or barely there. Plus modern pairings – like your black and white print – make them look updated.

  8. Shaye

    I look GREAT in mint (not so much other pastels), so this is a color I’ve craved for awhile. I love pairing it with another, much more saturated, color. Cobalt, coral and bright, juicy orange are my faves.

  9. Kristin

    I like mint and other pastels on other people, but I tend to avoid wearing them myself. My coloring is warmer (Autumn) so I usually stick to the corresponding colors that suit me best đŸ™‚

  10. Sara

    I love pastels. They can make me look a bit washed out, but they make me feel great…which is more important.Pastels are gentle colors full of light and life, and pastel in an outfit brightens the darkest and dullest day.
    I usually wear one pastel at a time and pair it with dark neutrals (dark brown or navy looks good with most pastels) and maybe some white. I prefer to keep the outfit simple. Pastels I can rock, but the combination of pastels and frills is trickier.

  11. Mistie

    I love mint green, but I don’t really like other pastels on me. And honestly, I tend to keep my love of the light green in accessories or nail polish.

  12. Dee

    I am not a big fan of pastels, mainly becasue they don’t look good on me. Your outfit looks nice on you. I think the mint color reminds me too much of toothpaste for some reason, LOL! However, I have learned to ‘never say never” as trends tend to grow on me. I might end up doing a pastel jean with a darker top or something like that.

  13. LaTonya

    I love pairing jackets and dress. You look good. And the shoes, going to keep the color combination in mind. Thanks for the inspiration.

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