Dressed for: Mixed Metals

Already Pretty outfit featuring brown military blazer, olive shirttail tee, cropped silk pants, leopard print pumps, mixed metal necklace

Blazer – thrifted – similar designsimilar color
Tee – Gap (no longer available) – similar shape
Pants – Anthropologie (no longer available) – similar (these are an amazing deal!)
Pumps – Anne Klein Watchit
Necklace – Opitzsimilar
Bracelet – Quince – similar
Earrings – gift – they’re by local designer Realia by Jen

I still can’t imagine wearing loads of shiny gold jewelry after years of wearing silver exclusively. But mixed metals? Definitely interesting. I especially love mixes that include copper and gunmetal, my current faves aside from silver. This necklace and bracelet have both been around a while, but this is the first time I thought to pair them!

Are you a fan of mixed metals? Or do you stick to one metal tone at a time?


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15 Responses to “Dressed for: Mixed Metals”

  1. Gi Csome

    I liked your outfit until I saw you´re wearing animal print shoes. Now I love it!!

  2. Annie

    You look so cool and relaxed. 🙂 I love gunmetal! It’s a little edgy but still sophisticated, and in my opinion much easier to mix with shades of gold than bright silver. I love seeing people mix metals in their outfits, it gives me a better idea of how to execute it myself!

  3. Susan L

    My rings are gold but then I moved over to the silver camp for other jewellery- so I have a silver/gold watch to tie things together. It works in my head anyway.

  4. Kate

    I’m wearing a pair of Jen’s earrings today! And I’ve also starting wearing mixed metals (mostly silver + gold) as a way to transition away from exclusively silver jewelry (although my wedding rings are gold!).

  5. Nan

    I am one of those nickel-sensitive types. I wonder if anybody knows if copper jewelry or pewter are also nickel-free? I have learned that aluminum bracelets (those jangly stacking wire types) are usually nickel-free – hooray! I am getting bored with beads and plastic bangles…..

  6. Christine

    Sal, I admire your embrace of color so much, but I always love your neutral outfits the most, probably because I tend to dress that way myself.

    I am loving mixed metals these days and incorporating it into the jewelry I make. Be on the lookout for “rose silver,” which is silver plated with rose gold. It’s extremely pretty and very versatile, without the super-high price tag of rose gold or the tendency to tarnish instantly that makes copper jewelry challenging.

  7. Gracey the Giant

    Fabulous. I love, love, love this look. Love the mixed metals and those pants are fabulous. So are the Richard Chai pair you linked to; I wish they had my size!

  8. Eleanorjane

    What’s the weather like where you are right now? Cos my main thought looking at that outfit is that it looks hot! (By which I mean temperature, although I do also like those colours on you and the jewellery). 🙂

  9. Laura

    I am also allergic to nickel. Copper and pewter both make me break out. I even had a white gold ring that gave me a reaction one time! Stella and dot is a great company that makes things in lots of metals and I have never had a problem with any if their jewelry. Also, if you have earrings or a ring (something with a flat surface), you can paint it with clear nail polish to create a barrier between the metal and your skin.

  10. Amy Davis

    I feel like you jumped in the deep water with this post/outfit! Not just metal-wise, but the whole gamut. Love, gorgeous, keep going! P.S. I just bought some rose gold & silver stacking rings–my first foray into non-silver since the late 90s!

  11. hollyml

    I try to choose gold and copper (or brass or bronze) because I have “warm” coloring and a wardrobe full of warm colors, but own a great deal of silver jewelry because decent-quality pieces are more readily available at affordable prices. So I definitely mix metals sometimes (even my wedding ring is both white and yellow gold) and I’ve concluded that the key is, if you’re not matching the “color” of the metal, then match the finish — classic shiny, matte, hammered, antiqued. When that’s done right, I think you can even mix a delicate piece with something bolder, although combining items in a similar size/shape of course works too.
    My biggest problem with mixed metals tends to be not jewelry, but buttons! It usually feels not quite right to wear a silver necklace with a cardigan that has gold buttons.