Dressed for: More Blacks and Blues

Already Pretty outfit featuring cobalt blazer, black floral dress, opaque black tights, black ECCO boots

Blazer – Macy’s (no longer available) – similar
Dress – courtesy Karina (no longer available in this print) – similar
Tights – Commando courtesy Peek Brooklyn
Boots – Kork Ease Alva (no longer available) – a few on eBay
Earrings – gift – similar

We had a mild, warm, nearly snowless winter last year. It was GLORIOUS, friends. Today is the first day of spring and I awoke to a -10 windchill. I feel that MN is being punished for getting off Scot-free a year ago. Oh, I look happy enough here, but I’m crying inside. At least there’s light well into the evening and we’ve seen the sun a bit. And I can throw on some bold, bright colors to lift my spirits.

Have you shifted into the next season, weather-wise? Or is the current one still hanging on?


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11 Responses to “Dressed for: More Blacks and Blues”

  1. Judy Carpenter

    I can’t help but wonder if you get tired of snow. Anyway, about the idea previously posed about buying for the season most useful. I’ve decided that lighter weight things work great here in Tennessee. That dress would be great here. Every season.

  2. Dianne

    I am soooo longing for spring. Today we woke up to -17C, with wind-chill of -27. It started to snow over the course of the day, and then the wind came round to the NW, and now (6 pm.) we have blowing snow, closed highways, -10C (don’t know about the wind-chill). We have had major snow since Oct. 16, and have an average of 2-3 feet in my yard. And this IS NOT the Arctic (middle of the Canadian Prairies). I am so tired of layering long-sleeved T-shirts under sweaters or little jackets, under heavier outer-wear. I do like to wear the hats and scarves, but I wish I could wear some of my boots that are not warm enough, or have soles too slippery for ice. But the light is wonderful (nice not to go to work in the dark), and real spring will come, and then I can get out some different clothes & boots!

  3. Anamarie

    I’m trying to stay positive, but I am so sick of wearing tights and/or boots with my dresses! I want sandals, open toe shoes and bare legs!!

  4. Cassie

    It’s still quite cold where I am at. I am soooo ready for bare legs, but the weather is not cooperating!


  5. Roxane

    Here in Southern California we’ll be bouncing back and forth between hot and chilly (and everything in between) until July. June is often colder than March and April. But, this time of year (heck, most of the year) the big swings are day to night, and I have to remember that the lightweight dress that is great at 1:30 will be way too little by 6 or 7 pm (or at 7am).

  6. Dee

    Also in the midwest U.S., and I also feel we are paying the price for the wonderfully mild winter we had last year. Last year we had a March that had over a week of 80 degree highs, it was like going on “spring break” to a warm climate, without the expense — LOL! It was heavenly to have that respite of warm weather, but now we are having the coldest days we have had all winter, its depressing. Thank goodness for the longer days of sunlight…and really its got to end SOON!

  7. Linda L

    Last Friday it was 75 degrees and I wore shorts. Forecast for this weekend is 6 inches of snow. Ahhhh, Denver!

  8. Konstanze

    Sigh. I’m still hanging on to my bulky winter coat and huge scarves. But on my walk today I felt like they were slightly too warm, which made me really happy! Maybe spring will peak around the corner after all …

  9. Kristin

    Last weekend it was mid-60s to almost 70 here in Tennessee; the past three or four days has seen 30s to mid 40s (and windy) at the most. I’m definitely hitting spring mode (or wanting to) for my outfits; I’ve lost a lot of enthusiasm in the past couple of weeks for doing much with my winter clothing. Can’t wait for some consistent warmth for sure!