Dressed for: Last Dance

Already Pretty outfit featuring Obey sweatshirt, black skinny jeans, Steve Madden boots, fringe handbag

Shirt – Obey via Twice
Jeans – CAbi (no longer available) – similar
Boots – Steve Madden (no longer available) – similar look
Earrings courtesy Silvercocoon
Bag – partial DIY (tutorial to come) – similar

These moto-detail jeans stuck around through many rounds of closet purging, but this was their final outing. I was convinced to order a size 6 – not sure what I was smoking at the time – and they’re lower rise than I prefer. So they cut into my midsection in a most uncomfortable way. (Hence the roomy sweatshirt.) I’ve since tracked down some moto leggings – similar to these – that have similar design features and are far comfier. These jeans were certainly badass, but badass doesn’t trump uncomfortable.


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5 Responses to “Dressed for: Last Dance”

  1. rmstanek

    How are the jeans badass? Are they flying a fighter jet? Researching treatments for Ebola? Protesting police brutality? Advocating for better public transit in poor and underserved areas? Speaking out against a corrupt politician? Teaching motorcycle operating skills to women?

    I always enjoy contrast stitching as a detail, but I don’t see how it is “badass”.

    • Sally McGraw

      Hi rmstanek! While I totally agree that the things you’ve listed here are brave and admirable, “badass” – like most multifaceted concepts – will mean different things to different people. I think that volunteering time to help young women gain leadership skills, single-handedly creating and running a business, chairing a board, and working to empower women and improve body image are all badass things to do. I also think that being a parent, battling mental and physical health challenges, creating art, traveling alone, ending an abusive relationship, donating a kidney, and recovering from an addiction are all badass things to do. There’s room for all of those things within the definition, and plenty of other things that neither of us can think of.

      It’s also worth noting that what I’m talking about here is an aesthetic, not a set of characteristics or actions. Furthermore, I’m talking about an aesthetic that I’m crafting for myself, not one that needs to fit within parameters created or perceived by others. And just as every woman who wears cowboy boots needn’t live on a ranch, every woman who wears a leather jacket and combat boots needn’t ride a motorcycle or serve in the military. Style is more fluid than that, and frequently representational instead of literal. The things we wear can stand for aspects of our actual lives, or they can stand for aspects of our inner selves.

      Some things may not read as badass to you, but they will to me. And neither of us is wrong!