Dressed for: New Friends

Already Pretty outfit featuring vintage scarf, cornflower blue sweater. mustard skirt, burgundy boots

Scarf – thrifted – similar
Sweater – thrifted – similar
Skirt, Anthropologie (no longer available) – similar
Boots – Sam Edelman Seraphina
Earrings – Quincesimilar

Yet another example of how scarves can be fantastic bridging pieces. I would never have guessed that red earrings, a cornflower blue sweater, and a mustard skirt would have been such good friends. But just look at how well they’re getting along!

How often do you use scarves to tie your outfits together? Ever use your scarves to cheat your way into unexpected color combos?


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15 Responses to “Dressed for: New Friends”

  1. versatilestylebytracey

    That is one of the greatest reasons for my scarf addiction…. I also love skirts with prints in them as you pull colors from the print for your top and accessories…

  2. LindaGeller

    That’s kind of the point of scarves. So glad you didn’t match top and tights.

  3. Amy

    This basically summarizes how I choose my outfit at least 2 days a week. Choose scarf, then wear things that match. It isn’t super creative, but I get lots of compliments.

    • Sally

      Claire, yes, it’s oblong. I tied two corners together to make a loop, then looped it twice over my head and set the knot to the side!

  4. Coleen

    I use scarves to pull outfits together almost every day! Recently I was traveling in India and a scarf was a daily necessity to give myself modesty. I loved the ways Indian women matched their scarves with their leggings, and then clashed both with the shirt they were wearing. They certainly wore prints I didn’t feel I could pull off, but luckily I brought back quite a few pieces from the trip. The outfits with scarves women wear there are called salwar kameez, if anyone cares to Google. There are examples on my website for anyone who might wonder what I’m talking about…not trying to be spammy, I promise!

    • Ignorant Awareness

      Women always find a way to express themselves via clothing, however that may be- so even though we South Asians may cover up modestly with scarves, our colour/ print/ jewellery selection more than makes up for it haha!

  5. Patricia

    All the time. Almost my entire scarf collection comes from an impulse buy at a flea market on the streets of Madrid (they were one euro! How do you pass that up?), so I’ve got a crazy assortment of colors and patterns (because, again, impulse buy) that somehow managed to be perfect for tying in different items from my wardrobe. I’ll also often use scarves to dress up T-shirts or dress down an outfit that might be too professional for school… to me they’re the perfect amount of casual for my daily environment.

  6. Heather B

    I use a scarf to pull together my outfits on average of 4 days a week. All year round. My office is often chilly and a scarf is a great way to keep warm at work. I can then take it off when I head out into the real world during the summer heat.
    For me scarves can really pull alook together.

  7. Ignorant Awareness

    I mainly use scarves for hijab (headscarf), but I’ve also found that scarves work great as: wrap bracelets, fake boot socks, headbands, belts, vests, picnic blankets, bag handles, crop tops, pareos, gift wrapping paper…

    …in short, they’re indispensible!

  8. Shaye

    All. The. Time.

    Not quite every day, but I find that if an outfit just isn’t quite working, all will e well if I can find the right scarf!