Dressed for: Olive

Already Pretty outfit featuring military jacket, striped tee shirt, leather midi skirt, brown suede boots, rhinestone necklace

Military jacket – Kohl’s (no longer available) – similar
Striped tee – thrifted – similar
Leather skirt, Grace Vintage – similar items
Boots, Envy Footwear Katima via Piperlime (no longer available) – similar
Necklace – Target (no longer available) – more chunky rhinestone necklaces
Studded wrap bracelet, Streets Ahead via Ideeli – similar
Earrings – BGBJewelrysimilar

Olive green is fast becoming my favorite neutral. It pairs beautifully with black, brown, gray, and white, but also brings out the best in colors like magenta, navy, and purple. Burgundy is still the front-runner, but olive is a close second.

Do you have a favorite neutral? Thoughts on olive green for yourself?

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28 Responses to “Dressed for: Olive”

  1. Th

    I really can’t stand olive as a neutral, though I don’t mind it on other people. You’d have to pay me to wear olive.

  2. Viktoria

    I´m more into a darker, deeper green, like fir, like a northern forrest-type green. That green works so well with wine-red and deeper navy-blue, which are colours I favour. And you find it in a lot of leisure wear targeted to hunters. But I do think that jacket looks smashing on you.

  3. Practical Paralegalism

    I’m with Patti, for my coloring, navy and gray are great neutrals. I don’t think I’ve tried olive, not really. I thrifted a military jacket in a brown that didn’t really do anything for me, so back it goes – but I’d love a military jacket in navy or after seeing yours, definitely maybe olive.

  4. kathy

    This is a great look on you from head to toe. What a fabulous leather skirt. You should wear the heck out of it.

  5. Paula

    I love olive as a neutral too. I have a cropped cotton safari-esque jacket in a shade that’s just a bit darker than the color you’re wearing and it goes with everything. I wore the heck out of it this spring and summer.

  6. Suzanne

    Olive is one of my favourite neutrals. I wear it all the time and have a jacket quite similar to what you’re wearing here.


  7. Aging fashionista

    I agree on olive. But WHY is there so little of it in stores this year? I’ve been looking. I also see little chocolate brown, which I love love love.

  8. Dianne

    I love your outfit, all of it: jacket, tee, skirt, boots! As one with autumn colouring, with dark copper-brown hair, I really love olive, and in fact own at least 3 or 4 little olive jackets in various styles. I wore one to work today with dark-wash jeans and an olive tee (slightly lighter shade than the jacket) and taupe-beige booties that almost mimic the colour of the tee. The colour works with my colouring and green eyes much better than beige, cream, black, white, navy, gray, I can (and do) also wear rich browns, coppers, russets and mahoganies.
    Thanks for your inspirational blog. I read it every day.

  9. Margo

    Is this meant to be ironic? Not flattering. And the trash bins are not photogenic.

      • Anna

        Indeed, rude, so untypical of the general tone here. The outfit is terrific. Also, Margo, forget that they’re trash cans. In the photo they appear as interesting shapes that echo the lines of the skirt. Art is not limited to pretty (so boring if that were true). Anything can become art.

        • MargeauxB

          Maybe, but not in this photo. If we’re supposed to think how great Sally looks when doing even the most mundane household task–then let’s see that in action. But as a backdrop to a fashion blog photo–the alley with trashcans isn’t working. It’s possible to enjoy this blog without having to adore every tiny thing.

          • Tami T

            It’s also possible to not adore every tiny thing not complain about it every chance you get.

  10. E B Snare

    Absolutely love olive, khaki and all those shades – I have ginger hair so really accentuates it – but I do find it hard to pull off without going a bit ‘military’. I have a beautiful olive green floor length satin gown: maybe not practical but definitely not military! Your midi length leather skirt is also, pretty much, my favourite thing ever.


  11. Karen

    We’re on the same wavelength!
    When I put together a color story for my fall/winter knitting projects, I anchored the whole thing around olive with ice blue.
    Now, if I can just get that knitting done, I’ll be fashionable come January!

  12. Elizabeth

    I love olive green as a neutral, but it does NOT work for my coloring so I stick with pants.

  13. Bekka

    I have a longstanding love affair with olive. Olive with a dark purple is my absolute favorite color combination, and I like olive and burgundy for a more conservative twist on holiday dressing. Olive with navy, olive with all sorts of browns…plus it’s fun to say. Olive, olive, olive!

  14. Anne

    I have one pair of olive pants. Until this year It is just not a color that has been on my radar. Now that it is I just can’t find it. I do love your jacket and I think something like that would be perfect for our Northern California “Coldish” winters. 😉

  15. Helen

    I am in awe at the number of boots you seem to own. How many do you have??

    Also, I have a question that I hope you can help me with. I’m looking to order a pair of Frye Veronica Slouch boots (which I know you have more than one pair!) and I wonder do you find that they fit small? I’m usually a 10 but I often have to go to a size 11 if the shoe/boot fits small. I tried on a size 10 in person and I had a hell of a time getting my foot into the boot. The saleslady had to give me a plastic bag to put in the boot so that my foot would slide in easier. Once my foot was in, it fit fairly snugly but didn’t feel like it was pinching or hurting. Should I go for more wiggle room and just get the 11. Do you find that this particular style stretches a lot?

    In comparison, I have the Frye Dorado in a size 10 and it seems to fit a lot larger with a lot of slippage in the heel. Thanks in advance for your wise boot advice! Helen

  16. J.B.

    I love olive too! Some of my favorite combinations recently have been olive with gray and coral (it takes all the coral I wore in the summer into a more wintry place). And then there is also a shade of red I like with coral, I don’t know what to call it, sort of a very slightly pinkish to the red, like an old brick? I have an olive dress I love with poppy appliques in this color.

  17. Anna

    An olive skirt has been languishing in my closet because pairing it with black or navy, with nothing else to perk things up, is just too dreary. Thanks everyone for all these inspirations!

  18. sarah

    Olive green was my FAVORITE COLOUR as a child! I used to lie and tell people at school that it was red so they wouldn’t make fun. At home, sometimes I’d take the olive green crayon and just colour a page of a notebook with it so I could sit and admire it. Yes!

    It also looks *amazing* on my skin. It makes me look glowing and tan and healthy. From the looks of your comments, I’m alone here. More for me!! =)

    Lately, I’m really into cinnamon and madder and rust, paired with pale pinks and rose and mauve. And I have always loved charcoal grey and warm oatmeal; I always seem to have fancy pants in charcoal wool and cotton sweaters in oatmeal or ivory.

  19. sarah

    also, I have serious skirt envy every time you wear this bad boy. More than one “leather midi skirt” search has been inspired by your outfit photos – so far, none of them very productive. alas!!