Dressed for: Playing the Building

Already Pretty outfit featuring floral cardigan, full skirted sweater dress, black Coclico boots, Foley + Corinna Mid-City Tote, black statement necklace

Cardigan, Marshalls – similar
Dress, Moon via Skändal – similar style
Boots, Coclico via eBay – more Coclico boots
Bag, Mid City Tote courtesy Foley + Corinna
Bracelet, Karin Jacobson
Necklace, Target
Earrings, Target

I wore this to check out a fabulous art installation called Playing the Building. The project was the brainchild of David Byrne – a personal hero of mine – and has traveled from Stockholm to London to New York and now to Minneapolis. Essentially, Byrne hooks a vintage organ up to the pipes and structure of a building and the public can play the organ, and therefore the building. IT IS SO COOL and all of you Twin Cities folks should check it out!

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6 Responses to “Dressed for: Playing the Building”

  1. Barbara S

    LOVE the printed cardigan. That is my favorite way to wear prints. I have a great navy & cream one from Talbots, but it’s 3/4 sleeves and it’s too cold here in MA to wear it right now.

  2. Sarah

    I love David Byrne!! He’s one of my heroes too. I am obsessed with his music – Talking Heads and his collaboration with Brian Eno are always playing in my car. He is a musical genius in my book. So glad to know you are a fellow fan!! And I love the texture on this dress – so cute.